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FIH Medical Seminar Review

On June 4th, 2014 all medical personnel, team doctors, physiotherapists and coaching staff were invited to a medical seminar at Hotel Bel Air in the Hague, covering many different topics such as nutritional strategies and hydration before, during and after a hockey match; the effectiveness and potential risks of food supplements; how to structure a safe and effective warm-up and coping with Delhi Belly.

The FIH Seminar “Nutrition and Health in Elite Hockey players”  which was opened by the FIH president Leandro Negre was big success and well received by the audience of medical staffs of the hockey teams during the Rabobank  Hockey World Cup, Sports physicians, Dieticians and others.  Several speakers from universities and medical institutes highlighted the items of Nutrial strategies; food supplements in the morning. In the afternoon the discussions were about imaging and statistics in hockey injuries.

All the presentations are available for download here:

Diarree Seminar (648.9 KB)
Witkamp Lecture (1186.1 KB)
HRAM FIH (501.9 KB)
Injuries during major FIH tournaments 2013.pdf (2086.8 KB)
Braun FIH Medical Seminar (3187.9 KB)
FIH MedicaI Seminar 2014 (2422.9 KB)
Nutritional intake of Field Hockey players FIH (507.5 KB)
Some painful statistics FIH 2014 RH.pdf (1542.7 KB)
Mensink Nutritional Strategies WorldHockey the Hague (2283.5 KB)

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