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Code of Conduct

The FIH Code of Conduct must be signed by every player before an FIH event. It is an acknowledgement form for FIH world Level Events. Included in this Code of Conduct is Anti-Doping, Image rights, Betting and Anti-Corruption.

FIH Code of Conduct Acknowledgement Form.pdf (162.1 KB)

Medical and Anti-Doping

FIH Anti-Doping Rules state ‘International-Level Athletes’ is;

  1. Athletes who are part of the FIH Registered Testing Pool (RTP);
  2. Athletes who participate in selected FIH International Events and/or Competitions published by FIH in its website. 

The International Hockey Federation (FIH) supports the fight against doping in sport in all its forms. The FIH is therefore a signatory to the World Anti-Doping Code. The FIH is proud that hockey is free from the use of performance enhancing drugs and aims to maintain this situation. Click here for more


Given the ever increasing amounts of money spent invested in and around sporting events, the situation regarding integrity issues is becoming a key element to the pursuit of good governance of any Federation.

The FIH is committed to being proactive in protecting hockey from the pernicious elements associated with match fixing and corruption. Preserving the integrity of the game as a true test of ability and honest endeavour is central to ensuring that hockey remains credible, reliable and relevant to those play and watch it.

In 2014, the FIH signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the IOC aligning itself with the Intelligence Betting Integrity System (IBIS) aimed at safeguarding sports from any negative influence connected to sports betting. IBIS is designed to support FIH in the fight for clean competitions and clean athletes, by providing the FIH with alerts and intelligence via a centralised mechanism for exchange of information relating to suspicious betting patterns.

The FIH already has a confidential whistleblowing system in place where any matters relating to integrity issues can be raised through to a dedicated Disciplinary Commissioner who sits independent of the staff, Committees or Executive Board members.

Currently, all players and support staff are required to sign a code of conduct prior to competing in a FIH event, which emphasises the need to actively avoid any behaviour that is linked to corruption or match mixing. 

The FIH is working with the IOC, through its IBIS programme, to enhance the level of education provided for players, administrators and support staff to supplement the drive to prevent corruption and match fixing from entering the sport.  

You can see all of our Official Documents related to this and other aspects of FIH by clicking here.

Social Media Guidelines

As an athlete you are constantly under pressure and scrutiny, why create more for yourself on Social Media and in the media in general. The FIH have created guidelines to help you promote yourself as an athlete in a smart way, help promote hockey in a unified way and also to help you to remain professional is every aspect of your life as an athlete.

Online social media guidelines are now available HERE

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