Motherhood changes Carla’s perspective

February 5, 2020

Argentina’s Carla Rebecchi is one of the longest-serving and most prolific strikers currently playing on the international hockey stage. She first played for Las Leonas in 2004 and has competed in three Olympic Games and three World Cups. Rebecchi retired briefly from the game in 2017 but returned, after the birth of her daughter Vera, in 2019. Her first FIH Pro League game resulted in her winning Player of the Match and her subsequent form over the entire season proves that sometimes taking a little time out helps you come back stronger than ever.

Each of the Hockey Stars interviews published on the FIH website are with the nominees for Best Player. The winning athletes will be announced in February.


What does the nomination for FIH Best Player mean to you?
Carla Rebecchi:
 “I am really happy and honoured to be nominated for Player of the Year. I am honoured that I am among such amazing players. I am grateful to my team as without them it wouldn’t be possible. And to my family, my support, they are always with me and helping me do the thing I love most, which is play hockey. 

Looking back to 2019 what was your best and most memorable moment?
Carla Rebecchi:
 “The most memorable moment for me was winning the Pan American Games and qualifying for the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020. That was our most important goal last year and we did it!”

Why do you think 2019 was such a good year for you?
Carla Rebecchi:
 “I think last year was a good one for me because it is different how I enjoy being back in the team after becoming a mother and having my baby. Everything is a little bit tougher, like I have to put in a little bit more effort than I did before. It is tough to leave her [Vera] when I travel away but playing hockey is the thing I love most in my life. Now it is a different moment for me. I am seeing hockey from another side and enjoying it even more. That is what makes it a special year for me.”

What are your dreams and aspirations for this year?
Carla Rebecchi:
 “My dreams and aspirations for this year are to enjoy every minute of the preparation for the Olympics. It is a very special year and tournament for an athlete. And I hope we can go there and do our best. It will be a tough year and it is very important how we prepare for it.”



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