Ergo Junior Hockey World Cup Mönchengladbach 2013
Mönchengladbach, Germany - July 27 - 4, 2013


New Zealand and Germany show good form in 9-16th place classification

August 1, 2013
Korea and China also compete for 9th place

Against Canada, Korea was the better team, despite a second half scare as Canada pushed back, and deservedly went through, while China struggled much more than execteded with the spirited Ghanaians who scored their first goal of the tournament today. Russia put down a formidable challenge for Germany, but in the end couldn't avoid the hosts taking th win, and finally, at the end of a hot day, New Zealand cruised to victory against the young Belgian side.



New Zealand v Belgium 7-3 (4-0)

Wrapping up a very hot day on Pitch 2 were the teams of New Zealand and Belgium, doing battle in the 9-16th place play-offs. The first half was clearly dominated by the girls from New Zealand, who controlled the ball and dictated play over long stretches of the match.

Two goals from Phillipa Symes and one a piece from Cass Reid and Brooke Neal took the Junior Black Sticks to a comfortable 4-0 halftime lead, and after the break, it looked like the story of the match would continue on the same page, as Brooke Neal's second and a goal from Michaela Curtis pushed the scoreline to 6-0.

However, Belgium seemingly suddenly awoke from the Sleeping Beauty state and had a good period in the second half when they scored three goals in a row through Julie de Paeuw, Axelle Wouters and Emma Puvrez, but it was too little, too late, and the Red Cheetahs could no longer seriously endanger the Black Sticks.

At the other end, Rose Keddell added one more goal for New Zealand in the dying minutes of the match, and with this 7-3 win, the Kiwis join the 9-12th place quartet and play China next. Belgium take on Ghana on Saturday in the 13-16th place bracket.

Voices after the match:

Chris Leslie, Coach New Zealand: "Look, there's always hard conditins, and it's going to be tough going for both teams. We always played very well in the first half of the game, we were very dominant. But Belgium payed very well in the second half with a lot of pressure. For the next match, we play China a lot, so we will haev a tough game against China. We have to play very well, we have to get the basics right, and ewant to win against them. We are disappointed not to be in the Top 8, but we're now focussed on finishing ninth in the tournament."

Germany v Russia 4-2 (3-1)

In their first match on Pitch 2, Germany had advantages from the beginning but couldn't quite break away for much if the first half. An early penalty corner goal from Viola Scharf was matched by a goal from open play by Elena Guseva, and i was only in the last six minutes that Germany established some distance when Charlotte Stapenhorst and Sabine Knüpfer put away two goals in as many minutes for the 3-1 halftime scoreline.

Both halves had had extra water breaks in the middle, and the conditions took a toll on the match in the form of a subdued pace and a certain lack of energy.

Russia played well and was clearly highly motivated, but in the end couldn't quite get the better of a solid and compact German team that played a disciplined game. Anastasia Miroshnikova brought Russia within striking distance again in the 52nd minute, but Germany were able to create a significant number of opportunities late in the match, one of which yielded a late goal by Rebecca Grote.

When the clock stopped ticking down, Germany had claimed victory in the match with a 4-2 scoreline and moves on to the classification matches for 9th-12th place. In their next encounter, the hosts face Korea, while Russia take on Canada in the 13-16 bracket.

China v Ghana 3-1 (2-1)

In the second match of the 9-16 play-offs, Ghana faced China, and the African team proceeded to put down an excellent start into the encounter, playing well, and soon scoring their first goal of the event through Gloria Darko.

The goal jolted the Chinese awake however, and the Ghanaians' joy was short-lived as Zhang Jinrong sunk the equalizer for China within less than two minutes. Ou Zixia piled on a second goal just before the break for a a 2-1 halftime lead for China.

After the break, only one more goal was scored as Zhang Xindan put away China's third, while the rest of the half was filled with listless banter and ineffective back and forth from both sides without many scenes in front of the goals. China thus took victory, and move into the classification matches for 9th to 12th place, while Ghana join Canada in the 13-16 bracket.

Korea v Canada 3-1 (1-0)

Korea started into their first classification match strong, not leaving Canada with much space. Canada struggled to get their feet on the ground for some time. Nonetheless, Korea couldn't build up a convincing lead, scoring only a lone first half goal through their most reliable and leading scorer, Kim Hyun Ji.

Canada came back with verve from the break however and started to challenge their two time champion opponents. They were soon able to get on the scoreboard when Stephanie Norlander put a ball past second goalkeeper Han Mi Jin and proceeded to hold Korea to the draw for the biggest part of the second half.

A late double strike from Cho Hye Jin and Cha Ye Sol, who scored within less than a minute, however put the Korean team ahead for good. The clock ticked down and Canada could not come back from the blow. The match ended 3-1 for Korea, sending the Asian team into the 9-12th place bracket, while Canada will be playing for 13-16th place.

Voices after the match:

Ian Rutledge, Coach Canada: "It was an exeptional performance from both teams, and that's what international hockey is about, and that's what the Junior World Cup is about. It's an opportunity for the girls to play international hockey against different styles and  think that both teams played an exceptional style. We played against a well structured Korean team, our performance was solid, but as the game was even, it could go either way, and that's what happened. The most important thing for the next game is to be the same team and keep our structure and stick to the game plan. The girls are doing pretty well. It's just a matter of keeping a good structure."

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