SIMBA Chain's Proprietary NFT Marketplace partners with International Hockey Federation

March 29, 2022
SIMBA Market, SIMBA's newest product suite addition, will cultivate next-gen fan experiences through Web3 technologies for the future of international hockey

Lausanne, Switzerland:  SIMBA Chain, Inc., a blockchain company delivering real-world Web3 solutions, has announced the upcoming launch of an NFT marketplace partnership with the International Hockey Federation (FIH). The marketplace will be a destination for fans to purchase, trade and collect digital highlights, match stat packs, golden moments, and digital memorabilia, creating a one-of-a-kind experience.

The FIH digital marketplace will be built within SIMBA Market, SIMBA Chain’s newly launched public NFT marketplace that allows businesses and brands to not only mint and sell their own NFTs, but also increase their Web3 understanding in a low-risk environment. As their new proprietary marketplace, SIMBA Market is the natural extension of SIMBA Chain’s foray into the NFT space. This venture is an extension of SIMBA’s existing white-label NFT marketplace offering, which allows businesses to easily customize their own NFT marketplaces without having to go through the complex process of building them. SIMBA Market takes this initiative one step further by allowing organizations to list their NFT projects on a pre-existing, trusted marketplace.  

Through its partnership with SIMBA, FIH positions itself as a pioneer in the sports fandom revolution. FIH fans will now have the ability to easily purchase digital collectibles tied to their favorite sport, moments and memorabilia, backed by SIMBA’s unmatched interactive and user-friendly experience model. Fans will be able to easily purchase, trade and sell FIH NFTs without needing any crypto understanding or experience.  

“The sports industry has been an early adopter in the world of NFTs, capitalizing on the immersive experience that blockchain can bring to fans, as well as the numerous business opportunities that NFTs pose,” says Bryan Ritchie, CEO of SIMBA Chain. “We are thrilled to partner with an organization as renowned as the International Hockey Federation, and we aim to provide hockey fans with top-tier digital collectibles and an unparalleled user experience.”

“We are thrilled to have SIMBA Market as our partner as we venture into the world of NFTs and continue building new fan engagement opportunities for our community,” says FIH CEO Thierry Weil. “With NFTs, and thanks to SIMBA Market, the international hockey community will be able to interact with our sport in a way never possible before.”

SIMBA Market makes easy integration possible for organizations looking to leverage the power of NFTs without needing in-depth understanding of the complex underlying technology. To introduce the metaverse effortlessly into the international hockey ecosystem, SIMBA will operate as the one-stop shop for the FIH to create a fan-first, Web3-based experience. From the marketplace’s backend blockchain technology to creative promotional efforts, SIMBA will have a hand in all aspects of revolutionizing FIH’s digital identity.



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