Media accreditation process for FIH Series Finals Events - Le Touquet (FRA) & Valencia (ESP)

February 22, 2019

Lausanne, Switzerland: The International Hockey Federation (FIH) and the host National Associations of France and Spain are delighted to announce that the media accreditation application processes for the respective FIH Series Finals events in Le Touquet (Men) and Valencia (Women) are now open. Media interested in covering these events can find full details below.

Note on Media Accreditation
While FIH and the Host NA will do their utmost to give accreditations to as many working members of the media as possible, the high demand for accreditation means that there will undoubtedly be some disappointments. We aim to inform you as soon as possible as to whether or not your application has been successful.

Accreditation Criteria

  • FIH and Host NA consider a Media Accreditation to be a working tool to be used only by bona-fide members of the press.
  • FIH and Host NA reserve the right to refuse any accreditation request considered inappropriate to the event and also reserve the right to ask for additional information about the applicant.
  • All accreditation applications must be made by the individual who intends to attend the event and not by an editor / third party.
  • Applying for an accreditation does not guarantee the right to receive an accreditation.
  • Applications not completed in full will not be approved for onsite media access.
  • All persons who are successful in their application for an accreditation will receive a confirmation email.
  • Successful media accreditation at previous FIH events does not guarantee accreditation for this event or any FIH event in the future.
  • If there is high demand, a maximum of two people per recognised media organisation will be accredited. Only in exceptional circumstances will a third accreditation be granted.
  • All international applicants are required to submit either an assignment letter (on organisation-headed paper, signed by their editor), or a letter of recommendation from their National Association. The letter must include: a) the name of the representative who will be covering the event, and b), detailed information about the publication (circulation, frequency, readership) or website (year started, unique visitors per month, twitter, facebook followers, top five countries that engage with the website.)
  • Freelance journalists, photographers and broadcasters must be accredited via a national newspaper, recognised agency or hockey magazine. Only working media with a pre-arranged distribution outlet will be accredited.
  • Only professional sports photographers will be considered. Photo agencies must be able to prove the sale of their photographs have been paid for at the standard commercial rate. A publication must be able to prove that the pictures published are the original work of the publication’s accredited photographer.
  • Applicants must be covered with third party liability insurance and may be asked to provide evidence of their insurance.
  • All accredited members of the media are bound by the ‘General Terms and Conditions for Media Representatives at FIH Events’ (Updated: February 2019). 

FIH Men's Series Finals Le Touquet 2019
When: 15-23 June 2019
Where: Le Touquet, France
Teams: Ireland, France, Korea, Egypt, Scotland, Ukraine, Chile, Singapore
TMS event link:
Media Accreditation
 - International representatives (those outside of France): click here.
 - France-based representatives: please contact
Accreditation deadline: Friday 24 May 2019

FIH Women's Series Finals Valencia 2019
When: 19-27 June 2019
Where: Valencia, Spain
Teams: Spain, Italy, Belarus, Canada, South Africa, Wales, Thailand, Namibia
TMS event link:
Media Accreditation
 - International representatives (those outside of Spain): click here.
 - Spain-based representatives: Please contact
Accreditation deadline: Friday 24 May 2019

The media accreditation process for the FIH Series Finals events in India and Ireland will be confirmed in the coming weeks.


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