The 2016 Junior World Cup field in Lucknow is one of many new fields constructed by FIH certified Field Builders in India Photo: FIH/World Sports Pics

Hockey players to benefit from quality fields in India

February 7, 2017

Hockey players across India will increasingly be able to develop their skills on some of the best hockey fields in the continent after the first four Field Builders in the country were certified by the International Hockey Federation (FIH).

Advanced Sports Technologies LLP, Shiv Naresh Sports PVT Ltd, Syncotts International and Great Sports Infra PVT Ltd have all been certified in recent weeks, marking yet another important milestone in relation to the growth of the Programme.

As part of their certification, these Field Builders have shown a high quality of workmanship over several years. However, more importantly, they have committed to ensure that all of the fields they will build in India over the coming years, for all levels of play, will be to the recognised standards detailed in the FIH Quality Programme for Hockey Turf.

Developed with the best interest of hockey players at its heart, the FIH Quality Programme for Hockey Turf is designed to make a significant impact on the next generation of hockey players. Hockey fields built by certified Field Builders will ensure that players will be able to develop their hockey skills in safe and reliable environments.

The quality-assurance Programme provides consistent and dependable industry standards for the performance, construction and durability of hockey turf installations worldwide and ensures the appropriate quality for the intended level of play. As a result, it will help inspire more people to play hockey, promote player welfare and protect the investment of those funding hockey facilities.

The Programme is an integral part of the FIH’s Hockey Revolution, a 10-year strategy that aims to make hockey a global game that inspires the next generation. As part of the overall strategy, a major initiative was launched to increase the degree of professionalism in hockey. The Quality Programme is one of the key components of this initiative.

Speaking of the progress of the Quality Programme, FIH Director of Sport and Development, David Luckes, said: “We believe that the long-term success of our sport lies in the quality of hockey facilities around the world. Certifying these four Field Builders in India indicate further recognition of our Quality Programme, and in particular the Field Builder category. Companies are seeing the commercial benefit of being certified whilst governing bodies and venue owners are also recognising the value of using certified Builders, Suppliers and Products in relation to their investment in hockey facilities. We hope that over the coming months, many more Field Builders across the world will be certified as this Programme continues to expand."

For more information about the Quality Programme, visit the Hockey Turf section of FIH website:



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