Fédération Française de Hockey celebrates 100th anniversary

November 18, 2020

FRANCE: The Fédération Française de Hockey, the national hockey association of France, recently celebrated the 100th anniversary of its formation.

The FFH officially came into existence on 13th November 1920 in Paris, when representatives of sports clubs practicing hockey came together for an Extraordinary General Assembly. The meeting was chaired by Mr Paul Léautey, President of the Union de Federations Française des Sports Athlétiques (UFFSA) Hockey Board of Directors, assisted by Vice-President Mr Vitry and Mr André Varnier, the General Secretary. 

Mr Léautey explained the main purpose of the meeting to the General Assembly, while Mr Vanier read the statutes of the Federation. All statutes were unanimously adopted, and the new Federation was born. Mr Léautey became the first President of the FFH, which immediately set about the task of developing the sport for both men and women throughout the country. 

Mr Léautey was not just a hugely important figure in French hockey. In response to hockey’s omission from the Paris 1924 Olympic Games, he was the driving force behind the creation of the International Hockey Federation. The FIH came into being in Paris on 7 January 1924, with Mr Léautey becoming the first President of the Federation.

Congratulations to the FFH on the occasion of their 100th anniversary!


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