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The Athletes’ Committee is made up of current and former hockey players who have the responsibility to act as a liaison between the FIH and the Athletes and make sure the Athletes have a voice in the FIH decision making process.

The members of the Athletes’ Committee serve as a consultative body and make recommendations to the FIH Executive Board, FIH Committees, Advisory Panels and other bodies. The roles also cover seeking and providing feedback to the FIH on behalf of all athletes, whilst developing and promoting resources and initiatives to athletes such as health and welfare, anti-doping, social media, our need to create stars to attract new fans, career preparation and management. The Committee also plays a central role in liaising with the Athletes’ Commission of the IOC and other sporting organisations to enable the sharing of information and research and ultimately developing the game of hockey.

The Committee interacts with the current Athletes’ in a number of ways including; post event surveys for the athletes and coaches to get direct feedbacks from the FIH events. Organised meetings are also scheduled with the national teams at several events. The aim being to communicate with the players, to update them on the different activities but also to hear from them.

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Committee Co-Chair Annie Panter (GBR)
Committee Co-Chair Marsha Cox (RSA)
Secretary Sandra Harik
Members Moritz Fuerste (GER)
  Sanaz Heidari (IRI)
  Scott Sandison (CAN)
  Beth Smith (NZL)
  Liam de Young (AUS)
  P.R. Sreejesh (IND) 


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