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FIH Quality Programme for Hockey Turf - Certified Fields

To help ensure good quality fields are built for all levels of play, from elite level competition to community development, the FIH has developed an internationally recognised quality-assurance programme - the FIH Quality Programme for Hockey Turf. Below is the list of fields throughout the country that have FIH certification.

Field Location Field Category FIH Certified Manufacturer Hockey Turf ID Field Certificate Expiry Date FIH Certified Field Builder 
Meldrum Academy, Oldmeldrum Multi-Sport 1 TigerTurf TigerTurf Evo Pro + EL15 Sep 4 2022  
Stewarton Academy, Stewarton Global Polytan Poligras Terra CoolPlus 218 EL 15 Feb 11 2022  
Glenalmond College, Perth National FieldTurf Hockey Gold Pro 18-17, 5 IS15 Nov 28 2021  
St Joseph's College, Dumfries Multi-Sport 33 AstroTurf AstroTurf Soccer XI Academy 17-4-40 AstroBase 10 SBR Nov 26 2021  
Barrhead High School, Barrhead Multi-Sport 3 FieldTurf FT XM7 42-15 ProGame 7008 XC SBR Sep 21 2021  
Glasgow High School, Glasgow Global Edel Grass Edel Triple T FPT Aug 5 2021  
Bellahouston Academy, Glasgow Multi-Sport 1 Act Global Xtreme Turf SD18T - MF EL15 July 12 2021  
Meadowmill Sports Centre, Edinburgh Global Sports and Leisure Domo Fastplay XC7006 Apr 4 2021  
Kelso High School, Kelso National FieldTurf Desso Forte Jan 26 2021  
Kilwinning Academy, Kilwinning Multi-Sport 3 Act Global Xtreme Turf DX42 EL15 SBR Oct 13 2020  
Scottish National Hockey Centre - Pitch 2, Glasgow Global Polytan Poligras Megaturf Cool Plus Apr 19 2020 Spadeoak
Scottish National Hockey Centre - Pitch 1, Glasgow Global Polytan Poligras Megaturf Cool Plus Apr 18 2020 Spadeoak
Uddingston Hockey Club, Glasgow Global Greenfields Greenfields TX Pro PE08.7 Feb 5 2021  
Marr College, Troon National Polytan TerraGrass CoolPlus 218 28/16 Nov 27 2020  
Greenfaulds High School, Glasgow Multi-Sport 3 Act Global Xtreme Turf DX42 EL15 SBR Oct 5 2020  
The University of Edinburgh, Peffermill Hockey Pitch Global Polytan Poligras Platinum CoolPlus 11-42 MB EL15 RW Sep 7 2020  
Meggetland Sports Complex Global TenCate Grass TigerTurf Wett Pro EL12 Mar 7 2020  
Forfar Community Campus, Angus Multi-Sport FieldTurf Optimum 42-14 C7010XC Jan 25 2020  
Brechin Community Campus, Angus Multi-Sport, training FieldTurf Optimum 42-14 C7010 XC Jan 13 2020  
Merchiston Castle School, Edinburgh National TenCate Grass Greenfields TX sw EL17 Nov 11, 2019  
Rubislaw Playing Fields, Aberdeen National Lano Sports Hockey Integration IS15 Nov 8, 2019  
Lasswade Academy, Edinburgh National TenCate Grass Greenfields HT XP 20ND Oct 20 2019  
Deveron Centre, Aberdeen Multi-Sport TenCate Grass Greenfields Multi-Slide XQ 40 PE Oct 11, 2019  


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