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Information for Clubs
Making the decision to start a hockey club can be a daunting process. The FIH recognises the importance of providing guidelines to assist in your endeavour to become established within the hockey community, and we have developed the manuals and templates below

Creating a Better Club.pdf (119.6 KB)
Club Management.pdf (143.2 KB)

Information for National Associations
These guidelines are to assist National Hockey Associations to develop a National Hockey Development Plan. It is also useful for nations looking to start a hockey program as well as regional associations that are looking ahead to the future. When planning your development program, three steps are necessary to be successful: gauging your current status; defining your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats; and planning for the future.  With that in mind, you can successfully use the tools below

NHDP - Background info and questions.pdf (169.4 KB)
Assessing your current situation.doc (220.5 KB)
Planning for the future.doc (216.5 KB)

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