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Tournament Regulations

Everything you need to know about official FIH events is included in the regulations and policies listed below. Please note that workd is currently underway on the Outdoor and Indoor Regulations and updates will be posted as soon as they are completed.

FIH Code of Conduct.pdf (141.0 KB)
2014 Rabobank Hockey World Cup Tournament Regulations.pdf (377.6 KB)
FIH Image Rights Policy.pdf (115.9 KB)
FIH Uniform Advertising.pdf (117.5 KB)
FIH Anti-Corruption Regulations.pdf (210.9 KB)
FIH Tournament Regulations - Hockey5s.pdf (374.4 KB)
FIH Tournament Regulations - Indoor.pdf (367.7 KB)
Penalties and Sanctions for Non Compliance of FIH Policies and Procedures.pdf (147.9 KB)
FIH Tournament Regulations - Outdoor.pdf (481.3 KB)
FIH Anti-Doping Rules.pdf (981.6 KB)

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