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Technical Officials

The following is a list of documents that are useful for FIH Tournament Directors.

Appointment Sheet.xls (73 KB)
FIH Code of Conduct - Guidelines to TDs on Hearing Process.pdf (93.2 KB)
FIH Technical Officials.pdf (63.3 KB)
FIH Approved Uniform Advertising Masterlist.pdf (117.2 KB)
Tournament Card Summary Form.xlsx (18.7 KB)
Technical Official Performance Feedback.doc (45.5 KB)
Tournament Director Report.doc (209.5 KB)
Umpire Manager Marking System User Notes.pdf (96.6 KB)
Pre-Tournaments Meeting Schedule Template.doc (142 KB)
Umpire Managers Performance Feedback Form.xls (188 KB)
Medical Officer Performance Feedback.doc (601 KB)
FIH Code of Conduct - Guidelines of Offences and Penalties.pdf (74.8 KB)
Card Registration Form.doc (102.5 KB)

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