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Team Managers

Leading a team at an international event? Download these forms and guidelines before you leave or while you're at the event

Entry Form - Indoor December 2012.doc (60 KB)
Acknowledgement Form - Code of Conduct, Anti Doping, Image Rights.pdf (162.1 KB)
Code of Conduct - Video Operators.pdf (101.3 KB)
Illustrations of Uniform Advertising.pdf (404.9 KB)
Entry Form - 16 players.doc (102 KB)
Guidelines for Team Managers.pdf (198.5 KB)
Athlete Uniform Advertising Request Form.xlsx (22.2 KB)
Entry Form - 18 players.doc (63.5 KB)
Notice of Appeal.pdf (199.5 KB)
Protest Submission Form.pdf (207.3 KB)
Entry Form - 22 players.doc (68 KB)


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