Gen 2 - multi-sport fields and courts

Ensuring a sports facility is sustainable is often crucial to its funding and long-term success, whilst for others, maximising the use of available space is the key to increasing sport’s provision in a neighbourhood. These trends are increasingly making the concept of multi-sports facilities attractive to those investing and funding community and education sports.  However, not all sports can be played on the same types of surface and a significant factor in the long-term success of a facility is ensuring it caters for sports that can be satisfactorily played on the same surface.  

Working with tennis and netball, the FIH has developed the Gen 2 concept.  Gen 2 describes the types of playing surface and line marking layouts that allow community versions of the sports to be played on full-size hockey fields or blocks of tennis/netball courts. 

Details of the Gen 2 facility design concept can be downloaded here

Gen 2 espaces multi-sports (Fr).pdf (3879.7 KB)
Gen 2 Areas poliesportivas (Pt).pdf (3859.5 KB)
Gen 2 Multi-sport concepts (Eng).pdf (3948.9 KB)
Gen 2 Areas multideportivas (Esp).pdf (3953.9 KB)
Gen 2 Facility Design Guidance (Eng).pdf (2653.2 KB)

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