11 a-side hockey fields

A new hockey field is a major investment, so it is very important that it meets the expectations of players, facility owners, National Associations, etc. With an ever-increasing range of playing surfaces being offered, selecting the most appropriate for a new hockey field is key to its success.  The FIH Guide to Outdoor Hockey Surfaces describes the different types of surfaces that can be used and their suitability for the various stages on the hockey development pathway.

Having decided on the most appropriate type of hockey turf for your field, you need certainty that you select a high quality, long lasting hockey turf and that your new hockey field is designed and constructed to the correct standards. The FIH Hockey Turf and Field Standards are internationally recognised standards that ensure the appropriate quality of performance for the intended level of play - whether it is community development, international competition, or anything in between. 

Guidance on hockey surfaces and our Standards for hockey turfs, 11 a-side hockey fields and field equipment can be downloaded from below 

FIH Facilities Guidance Outdoor Hockey Facilities.pdf (3603.5 KB)
Facilities guidance - building hockey fields.pdf (4177.8 KB)
FIH Quality Standards - Hockey Fields.pdf (2299.2 KB)
FIH Quality Standards - Hockey turf products.pdf (2078.6 KB)
FIH Facilities Guidance - Field Irrigation.pdf (1473.6 KB)
FQP - Hockey Goals.pdf (930.5 KB)

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