Facilities Guidance Resources

A key role of the FIH is to ensure high quality, sustainable hockey facilities are provided for all levels and forms of the game. We do this by establishing quality and performance standards and publishing facilities guidance documents. Developed in consultation with our national associations and members of the FIH Quality Programme, the current editions are available to download below. If you have any facilities related questions, please contact us at facilities@fih.ch

11 a-side hockey fields

A new hockey field is a major investment, so it is very important that it meets the expectations of players, facility owners, National Associations, etc. With an ever-increasing range of playing surfaces being offered, selecting the most appropriate …

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HOCKEY5s courts

Hockey5s is the official short-form version of Hockey. It is played by five players per side either on a court that can either be temporarily placed on an existing full-size field or built especially for HOCKEY5s. If you are planning to host HOCKEY5s…

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Gen 2 - multi-sport fields and courts

Ensuring a sports facility is sustainable is often crucial to its funding and long-term success, whilst for others, maximising the use of available space is the key to increasing sport’s provision in a neighbourhood. These trends are increasingly mak…

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Sports lighting for outdoor hockey

Sustainable hockey facilities are fundamental to the development of hockey opportunities for everyone, from the youngest beginner to an international class player. The move to synthetic turf playing fields means there is an increasing desire to use t…

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Indoor Hockey

Indoor Hockey is played by two teams of six players, using a small sized pitch which has boards along each side to keep the ball in play, creating a fast, flowing, and exciting game. The game can be played at venues used only for Indoor Hockey, but i…

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Digital Scoreboard

Most modern hockey stadiums have large video walls or digital scoreboards that are used to show match data, broadcast highlights and communicate other announcements. This guide describes the requirements of scoreboards installed at venues hosting top…

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