What do people have to say about the programme?

"Everyone wins with FIH Certification. Facility owners are satisfied the field performs correctly. Commercial managers are assured the field is safe to play. Contractors are content the field is built to specification. Successive re-testing allows facility managers to maintain performance throughout the field lifecycle. We always recommend field testing via an FIH Accredited Test Institute to every client developing a hockey field." TODD BETTS, Sports Field Consultant, Surfacing  Standards Ltd., United Kingdom

"FIH Certification has played a key role in attracting visiting world-class hockey teams to use our community pitches for exhibition games. This has elevated the pitch profile regionally, leading to local growth in the game and economic benefits to the community. The design and construction of a field is highly specialised  with a tight set of specifications. FIH Certification provides owners and users with independent assurance that their field designer and builder have delivered a high-quality installation." CATHERINE EISWERTH, Manager, Landscape Architecture, Sports &  Recreation, RF Binnie & Associates Ltd., Canada

"What FIH Certification means to Hockey Geelong is that we are confident that the product meets a standard set by our international body. The certification has also allowed us to apply for higher grade tournaments as we have been certified to a national standard pitch which opens up many doors for our facility." ALAN CLIMPSON, President Hockey Geelong, Victoria, Australia

"Our new hockey field was a major investment for the club. Knowing that we were using a FIH Certified Manufacturer that was installing a FIH Approved Product and that everything was being checked by a FIH Accredited Test Institute, gave us great comfort and ensured we would get the great field we wanted. It was tried out during a major international event only weeks after being installed, with complete satisfaction." MARTIN SCHAFER, Board Member, Club Deportive Manquehue Santiago, Chile

"This was our first hockey field and we had heard of other artificial pitches that did not have the required guarantees adhered to by the contractor. It was a substantial capital investment and the FIH testing gave us the satisfaction that the quality and durability of our field was in fact up to the required standard." GIDEON VAN NIEKERK, Maragon College, Johannesburg, South Africa

"Certifying of synthetic hockey pitches is essential in confirming that construction meets the high standards set by the governing bodies, it also plays a key role in cases of litigation from any injuries occurred on the field." NEIL MCHUGH, Director of MUGA-UK Ltd., Chairman of the Professional Services Group, UK Sport and Play Construction Association

  • FIH Preferred Suppliers are companies that manufacture hockey turf products and build hockey fields, click here to learn more.

  • FIH Certified Manufacturers are companies that specialise in the manufacturing of hockey turf, click here to learn more.

  • FIH Certified Field Builders are companies that specialise in building hockey fields, click here to learn more.

  • All certifications under the FIH Quality Programme for Hockey Turf are based on tests undertaken by our Accredited Test Institutes, click here to learn more.

  • A FIH Certified Field is independently tested by an FIH Accredited Test Institute to ensure it meets the requirements of the FIH Quality Programme for Hockey Turf, click here to learn more.

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