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A key role of the FIH is to ensure high quality, sustainable hockey facilities are provided for all levels and forms of the game. We do this by establishing quality and performance standards and publishing facilities guidance documents. Developed in consultation with our national associations, and members of the FIH Quality Programme the current editions are available to download below.

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FIH Hockey Turf and Field Standards
A new hockey field is a major investment therefore it is important that it meets the expectations of hockey players, associations and clubs. To help ensure good quality fields are built for all levels of play, from elite level competition to community development, the FIH has developed its internationally recognised quality-assurance programme - the FIH Quality Programme for Hockey Turf. The programme provides consistent and dependable industry standards and ensures the appropriate quality of performance for the intended level of play - whether it is community development, international competition, or anything in between. The technical requirements of the programme are detailed in the FIH Hockey Turf and Field Standards, which are published in four parts:

Part 1 – Introduction & General Guidance

Introduction & General Guidance.pdf (3711.5 KB)

Part 2 – Requirements for Hockey Turf Products

Requirements for Hockey Turf Products.pdf (1226.1 KB)

Part 3 – Requirements for Hockey Fields

Requirements for Hockey Fields.pdf (760.9 KB)

Part 4 - Requirements for Hockey 5s Courts

Requirements for Hockey 5s Courts.pdf (775.5 KB)

Sports Lighting
Guide to the artificial lighting of hockey pitches

FIH Lighting Guide 2017 (17-10-17) (3845.5 KB)

Hockey 5s
Hockey5s is an official short-form version of Hockey. It is played by five players per side either on a court that can either temporarily placed on an existing full size field or built especially for the game. If you are thinking of building a Hockey5s court our facilities guide will tell you all you need to know.

Hockey5s courts (17-09-29).pdf (2647.4 KB)

Frequently Asked Questions
Check out this list to see if the question on the tip of your tongue is one that is asked around the world. If your query still remains unanswered please feel free to drop us a mail at

Hockey Field FAQ.pdf (494.7 KB)

Field and Venue Specifications 
Field and Venue specifications for our events and Olympic games can be assessed via Event Resources page.

Facilities Guidance Note - Televising hockey - recommended turf colours.pdf (263.0 KB)
  • FIH Preferred Suppliers are companies that manufacture hockey turf products and build hockey fields, click here to learn more.

  • FIH Certified Manufacturers are companies that specialise in the manufacturing of hockey turf, click here to learn more.

  • FIH Certified Field Builders are companies that specialise in building hockey fields, click here to learn more.

  • A FIH Certified Field is independently tested by an FIH Accredited Test Institute to ensure it meets the requirements of the FIH Quality Programme for Hockey Turf, click here to learn more.

  • All certifications under the FIH Quality Programme for Hockey Turf are based on tests undertaken by our Accredited Test Institutes, click here to learn more.

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