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Quality testing through independent Accredited Test Institutes

All certifications under the FIH Quality Programme for Hockey Turf are based on tests undertaken by our Accredited Test Institutes. This international network consists of independent organisations who have been accredited by FIH and assist in the ongoing quest for optimum field construction and equipment development for hockey.

All of the test institutes meet the international standards set by the FIH in regards to their competencies to perform specific tests, calibrations, measurements and inspections. They are evaluated on a regular basis to ensure that their operations and procedures remain in-line with FIH practices and requirements. It is required that each institute also has in-house quality systems to ensure that their output is correctly performed to the high-quality standards set out by the international hockey community.

FIH Accredited Test Institutes, therefore, provide reliable testing, calibration, measurement and inspection services for all FIH Quality Programme for Hockey Turf certifications.


FIH Accredited Test Institutes - Field & Product Testing

Name Location Email Web address Regional offices

 Field  & Product Testing         



Acousto-Scan Pty Ltd

Twitter: @Acousto_Scan

Sydney, Australia



Z.A La Pécardière
72470 Saint-Mars-la-Brière 

Ghent University - ERCAT Ghent, Belgium  
Kiwa ISA Sport Arnhem, The Netherlands Asia
Labosport Asia-Pacific, Guangzhou Labosport Guangzhou, China

New Zealand

Labosport France Le Mans, France Africa



Portugal - Spain

South America

Labosport UK Nottingham, England
Sports Labs Ltd Livingston, Scotland

UK & Headquarters
Belgium / Holland
North Africa
South Africa
South America

Field Testing Only         

Firefly Sports Testing

Hooksett, USA  

Korea Conformity Laboratories

Daejeon, South Korea  

Labor Lehmacher Schneider & Co

Osnabruk, Germany  
Surface Performance

 London, England  
Product Testing Only         
SKZ – Testing GmbH Würzburg, Germany -



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