New to Hockey

If you’re new to hockey then you’ve come to the right place.

Whether you’re planning to go to a match for the first time or simply want some help explaining the rules to a friend, we have everything you need. Our quick-fire video, Hockey Basics, will get you started:

Hockey Basics

What are the origins of the game? How many players take part? What is the usual pitch size? The answers are all here.

Looking for more?
When you have a question – for example about understanding umpire signals or how a Penalty Corner works - then you’ll find the answers you’re looking for in our series of Hockey Shorts:

Umpire Signals

One arm up one arm facing forward. What does that mean? Find out in our short video on all the common signals used by umpires.

The 5M Rule

When should opponents keep five metres away from a dead ball and are teammates allowed closer? Get the lowdown in our video.

Green, Yellow & Red Cards

Two minutes in the sin bin, suspension of at least five minutes and sendings off. They’re all covered here.

The Offside Rule

In most sports this is one of the most complicated rules to explain. So does it apply to hockey too…?

What Is Dangerous Play?

This isn’t ice hockey. But what does dangerous play really mean when everyone is running around with a big stick?

How Do You Score A Goal?

Ball in the back of the net? Check. Theirs is one other major factor that determines whether it is a goal. See what it is (and some great goals) here.

Penalty Corners

Why are they awarded? Who is the ‘injector’? Are there any clever tricks? Discover the answers.


Here’s why every team needs a great goalkeeper. See what’s required to be the very best.

Five Alternative Uses For A Hockey Stick

Can you guess what they are? Check out our silly season video from the last Hockey World Cup.

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