Hockey2024 is a five-year strategy to promote and develop hockey at all levels throughout the world.

Building on the foundation of the first four years of the Hockey Revolution Strategy, Hockey2024 provides clear direction for global hockey development, and enables us to raise the global status and popularity of hockey.
(add Hockey for Life after Global Programme)

Hockey2024 has four strategic areas: Participation, Education, Infrastructure and Inspiration. Within these four areas are 8 strategic goals, that exist to help guide the development of hockey through to 2024.




The purpose of the Foundation is to promote and develop hockey around the world, especially as part of the Olympic Movement and in liaison with the International Hockey Federation.

The Hockey Foundation is a Swiss Foundation with a permanent fund of property & money established for the benefit of hockey. The leadership team consists of a board of directors including non-executive and executive personnel appointed by the International Hockey Federation or by the Foundation board itself.
THF was established in 1985, contributing financially to the delivery of various hockey projects, such as the setting up of the FIH Academy in 2014. In 2018 the Foundation Board appointed its first Executive Director in order to increase its activities and have a greater impact.

THF has two core areas of responsibility:

  1. Raise and Reward
    1. To deliver a programme of fundraising activities to raise general funds or funds to support the delivery of specific projects. Activities including crowdfunding, social events, educational programmes, friends of hockey, and the development of corporate social responsibility relationships.
    2. To deliver programmes that promote and celebrate hockey’s values and successes. Activities including social events
  2. Support and Grow
    1. To contribute to leadership and delivery of Hockey2024, with a particular focus on hockey for social development.
    2. To encourage and support the development of NA Foundations and charities for the development of hockey.
    3. To support hockey’s heritage in partnership with The Hockey Museum

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