Hockey World Cup Perth 2002
Perth, Australia - November 24 - 8, 2002
Appointment Name Country Appointed by
FIH Representative van BREDA VRIESMAN Els Netherlands FIH
Technical Delegate ELLIS Janet Canada FIH
Technical Officer GILL Julia Great Britain FIH
Technical Officer SHIN Jung Hee Korea FIH
Technical Officer STERN Rosie Australia FIH
Technical Officer STIBBE Hetty Netherlands FIH
Judge MARTENS-HODGES Stephanie Singapore FIH
Judge PUGLIA Anna Italy FIH
Judge RICHARDS Nadine Australia FIH
Judge HALL Valerie Jamaica FIH
Judge STERLEY Merle South Africa FIH
Judge REDMOND Grace Ireland FIH
Judge BANNERMAN Robyn New Zealand FIH
FIH Medical Officer POTTER Andrew (Dr) Australia FIH
Media Officer IRVINE Nick England FIH
Umpires Manager SERVETTO Horacio Argentina FIH
Umpires Manager PRIOR Don Australia FIH
Assistant Umpires Manager HADFIELD Jan Australia FIH
Umpire LEE Mi Ok Korea FIH
Umpire de la FUENTE Carolina Argentina FIH
Umpire IPARRAGUIRRE Soledad Argentina
Umpire DUNCAN Jean Scotland FIH
Umpire ARNOLD Michele Australia FIH
Umpire ASHTON-LUCY Julie Australia FIH
Umpire BARNESBY Judith Australia FIH
Umpire CONEN Ute Germany FIH
Umpire de KLERK Marelize South Africa FIH
Umpire KENTWELL Jun United States FIH
Umpire POWER Mary Ireland FIH
Umpire SPITALERI Gina Italy FIH
Umpire YASUEDA Kazuko Japan FIH
Umpire HENNING Dawn England FIH
Umpire COHEN Renee Netherlands FIH
Umpire FARRELL Lyn New Zealand FIH
Umpire GARNETT Sarah New Zealand FIH
Umpire AIKYAMA Chieko Japan FIH

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