Hockey World Cup Mandelieu 1974
Mandelieu, France - March 17 - 17, 1974
Appointment Name Country Appointed by
Technical Delegate van der POEL DOYER G Netherlands
Technical Delegate DEMAUREX Albert Switzerland
Assistant Technical Delegate GROBUIS Henry France
Umpire LARIO Angela Spain
Umpire FARKE E Germany
Umpire RODRIGUEZ E Argentina
Umpire GRÜNER Ingeborg Austria
Umpire MOLENDIJK Sophia Netherlands
Umpire BRUYNEEL M Belgium
Umpire WEBER V West Germany
Umpire SPITS R Netherlands
Umpire BLANCHARD P Spain
Umpire FRANK B West Germany
Umpire VIALA E France
Umpire VOLKERS G E Netherlands
Umpire ERNST M Netherlands
Umpire KEDINGER G Argentina
Umpire BOISSONET A M France
Umpire GOLZE M West Germany
Umpire ARMSTRONG M India

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