Hockey World Cup Lahore 1990
Lahore, Pakistan - February 12 - 23, 1990
Appointment Name Country Appointed by
Technical Delegate von ONDARZA Tony Venezuela FIH
Technical Delegate WOELTJE H West Germany FIH
Assistant Technical Delegate SINGH Hardial India FIH
Assistant Technical Delegate WANSBROUGH Colin Australia FIH
Assistant Technical Delegate SHEIKH Ramzam Pakistan FIH
Judge de MASSA R Argentina
Judge BALBIRNIE David Ireland
Judge PORRITT Peter Canada
Judge SAIT Muneer India
Judge SINNER Wolfgang Germany
Judge GRIMBERGEN Ab Netherlands
Judge YEEND Frank Australia
Judge ZAFAR Ali Pakistan
Judge BELMER P France
Judge BHULLAR Tarlok India
Judge CRANE Peter England
Judge ZAIDI Ittaga Pakistan
Judge SARDAR Mohamed Pakistan
Judge PECKER Morley England
Judge LEIKIN Albert Soviet Union
Umpires Manager SERVETTO Horacio Argentina FIH
Umpire SEIDLER Claude Germany
Umpire DHAK Amjarit Kenya FIH
Umpire BAWA Amarjit India FIH
Umpire DEO Santiago Spain FIH
Umpire O'CONNOR K Canada FIH
Umpire PRIOR Don Australia FIH
Umpire RENAUD Alain France FIH
Umpire RUIZ Eduardo Argentina FIH
Umpire SAKAIDA Iwo Japan FIH
Umpire STEPANOV Nikolai Russia FIH
Umpire van BENEDEN Patrick Belgium FIH
Umpire De VECCHI Adriano Italy FIH
Umpire von RETH Peter Netherlands FIH
Umpire WEBB Roger England FIH
Umpire BAJWA K Pakistan FIH
Umpire BAGHDADI Shafat Pakistan FIH
Umpire AHMED Seif Egypt FIH

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