Hockey World Cup Kuala Lumpur 1983
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - April 10 - 23, 1983
Appointment Name Country Appointed by
Technical Officer CORBACHO Monge Spain
Technical Officer GRÜNER Ingeborg Austria FIH
Judge DAMANIA Arnavaz India
Judge FLETCHER R Canada
Judge APPLEBY Audrey England
Judge JACQUIERY L New Zealand
Judge v d Poel Doyer G Netherlands
Judge HORNER Y England
Judge JACKSON S M Wales
Judge HUDSON Edith Ireland
Judge SHIN Jung Hee Korea
Judge MILROY E Scotland
Judge GERO Elisabeth Austria
Judge SOARS Vivian Malaysia
Judge ROBERT P Belgium
Judge CORMACK Margaret Australia
Judge TAN Josephine Malaysia
Judge SMALLWOOD J New Zealand
Judge GOODER A New Zealand
Judge SCHWIER M Jamaica
Judge HEWER J New Zealand
Judge PONNUDURAI Thana Malaysia
Judge LIM Ah Seoh Malaysia
Judge CHELLIAH P Malaysia
Judge CLARKE C Scotland
Judge BARCLAY L Scotland
Judge SHELLENBERGER Betty United States
Judge CUFFLEY C Jamaica
Judge COUTOU Jacqueline France
Judge PALMER A Zimbabwe
Judge van BREDA VRIESMAN Els Netherlands
Umpire FILIMONOVA Raisa Russia
Umpire AICHINGER Barbel Germany
Umpire LARIO Angela Spain
Umpire HAYES Pat United States
Umpire PRITCHARD Corinne New Zealand
Umpire CAMBAL Eva Austria
Umpire TRACHSLER Ruth Switzerland
Umpire LANNING Margaret Canada
Umpire HARRIS Mary England
Umpire LAWTON L France
Umpire FARKE E Germany
Umpire ADAMS J Australia
Umpire BARR M Scotland
Umpire SHERRILL L United States
Umpire SCRAGGS Heather Australia
Umpire GLOVER M Wales
Umpire CHAPPELL M New Zealand
Umpire REID Sue Canada
Umpire DE VRIES-SCHEEREN Brigitte Netherlands
Umpire EE Angeline Singapore
Umpire ROEG-ROGGE Loekie Netherlands
Umpire FIELD Jean South Africa
Umpire ROBERTSON Jean Scotland

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