Hockey World Cup Amstelveen 1986
Amstelveen, Netherlands - August 15 - 24, 1986
Appointment Name Country Appointed by
Technical Officer GRÜNER Ingeborg Austria
Technical Officer KOOIJMAN Marianne Netherlands
Technical Officer SIBERT-BAILEY Dorothy Malaysia
Technical Officer ATIF P Pakistan
Technical Officer de MASSA Rosa Argentina
Technical Officer GILMER C New Zealand
Judge DUINKER S Netherlands
Judge RAISTRICK Evelyn Scotland
Judge REDMOND Grace Ireland
Judge JOHNSON Bev United States
Judge O'DONNELL C Great Britain
Judge NEILL Sue Canada
Judge APPLEBY Audrey England
Judge EVERIST Rae Australia
Judge COUTOU Jacqueline France
Judge CORBACHO Monge Spain
Judge READ Brenda England
Umpire DE VRIES-SCHEEREN Brigitte Netherlands
Umpire POELMANS A Netherlands
Umpire HERNANDEZ Salobrar Spain
Umpire MOHLMANN Jolanda Netherlands
Umpire ROBERTSON Jean Scotland
Umpire TONG R South Africa
Umpire LANNING Margaret Canada
Umpire LARIO Angela Spain
Umpire FARKE E Germany
Umpire KATO Naomi Japan
Umpire PRITCHARD Corinne New Zealand
Umpire LAWTON L France
Umpire ASSELMAN Christianne Belgium
Umpire FILIMANOVA Raisa Russia
Umpire THEUS M Germany

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