Pan American Cup Bramton 2013
Brampton, Canada - August 10 - 17, 2013
Appointment Name Country Appointed by
PAHF Representative von ONDARZA Tony Venezuela PAHF
Tournament Director GOMES Rigel Trinidad & Tobago PAHF
Technical Officer DELLA MATTIA Adrian Argentina PAHF
Judge PEREZ ZANINI Javier Uruguay PAHF
Judge DE MATTOS Thiago Brazil PAHF
Judge STEWART Tony Canada PAHF
Media Officer HUCKENDUBLER Yan Canada PAHF
Media Officer LEE Ali Canada PAHF
Umpires Manager PUTRA Sumesh Canada PAHF
Assistant Umpires Manager DUNN Keely Canada PAHF
Neutral Umpire KANABATHU Ilanggo Malaysia PAHF / AHF
Neutral Umpire PRASAD Raghu India FIH
Umpire CALDECOTT Gavin Canada PAHF
Umpire BASTO RIVERO Daniel Mexico PAHF
Umpire GARCIA Federico Uruguay PAHF
Umpire BUSTAMANTE Sebastian Chile PAHF
Umpire HUNDLEY Grant United States PAHF
Umpire DAVIS Nku Trinidad & Tobago PAHF
Umpire SIMMONS Donovan Bermuda PAHF
Umpire HENLON Duvaughn Jamaica PAHF
Umpire LEDESMA Andres Argentina PAHF

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