WorldHockey Olympic Qualifier (Women) (2) (1)
Victoria, Canada - April 26 - 4, 2008

URU V ITA ( Round-robin ) WorldHockey Olympic Qualifier (Women) (2) (1)

0 - 4

Match Review URU - ITA 0-4

Match Officials

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The first game of the day was played under steady rain, slowing down the ball and affecting the pace of play. Italy had a few early chances but Uruguay seemed to have well rebounded from their heavy loss against Korea and the game became more balanced. Uruguay even had a good chance on penalty-corner, but it was well saved by Paula CALVO in the Italian goal. Italy missed a golden opportunity to open the score when a ball rolled in front of the empty net after superb work by Maria Victoria CORSO on the right of the circle.

Italy appeared less composed than in their critical encounter against Canada the day before, obviously too anxious to score and wasting a number of opportunities, including two shots from close range that were well saved by Noel DE LOS SANTOS in the Uruguayan net. Uruguay forced a last second penalty-corner, but the game went into halftime scoreless.

Italy did not waste any time in second half, scoring on penalty-corner in the second minute of play with a quick sweep shot from Maria Victoria CORSO. The play became confined to one half of the field, but the Uruguayan defense was well regrouped and the Italians missed a few more clear chances. It took another penalty-corner by Maria Victoria CORSO to establish a more comfortable cushion. With the results not in doubt any more, Italy added 2 more goals to earn their second win of the competition, but they won’t be happy with their overall performance and their chances conversion rate, while Uruguay can be satisfied with their performance today, only allowing goals on set pieces.

  • Match 4
  • Date Sun, 27 Apr 2008
  • Time 12:00
  • Pool/Class Round-robin
  • Venue

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