Olympic Qualifier Kakamigahara 2012
Kakamigahara, Japan - April 25 - 5, 2012


A royal guest at Green Stadium

April 29, 2012
Japan's Princess Takamadonomiya takes an active interest in OQT
Green Stadium in Kakamigahara, Japan had a very special guest for today’s Japan vs. Chile game. Princess Hisako Takamadonomiya came to the stadium to cheer on the Japanese women.

Princess Takamadonomiya has been very active at this FIH Olympic Qualification Tournament. Last night, she was the guest of honor at a banquet where the Japanese Hockey Association hosted all 12 teams, and today she wanted to see the teams she met last night in action on the pitch.

Princess Takamadonomiya holds sports close to hear heart. She is a President of Honor for the Japan Hockey Association, Japan Fencing Federation, Japan Sailing Federation, Japan Squash Association and All Nippon Kyudo Federation as well as the patron of the Japan Football Association. She is also very active in the NPO sector as a patron to 23 organisations in the areas of sport, cultural exchange and environmental protection.

The Princess charmed the audience last night with her speech in fluent English, which she learned at the University of Cambridge, from which she earned a degree in 1975. She is the wife of the late Prince Norihito Takamado, who was a cousin to the current Japanese Emperor Akihito.

While the 0-0 result was not what the Japanese team had hoped for they were nevertheless honoured to have their Princess in attendance.


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