Hero Olympic Qualifier Delhi 2012
New Delhi, India - February 18 - 26, 2012

ITA V SIN ( 5th-6th ) Hero Olympic Qualifier Delhi 2012

5 - 0

Match Review ITA - SIN 5-0

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This game was a repeat of the last match of round-robin, won by Italy (4-0). Both teams have struggled in this tournament (goal difference of -20 for Italy and -49 for Singapore), but the young Singaporean team, called at the last minute, has greatly benefited from the exposure and improved significantly over the course of the week.

Italy tried to put some pace in the game but Singapore blocked all their attempts, well backed by Sam ONG, having a solid game in goal. Ignacio SALAS and Agustin NUNEZ were very active upfront, forcing a number of penalty-corners that were well defended. The score remained tied until the 28th minute, when Italy finally opened the scoring on another penalty-corner, this time using an option that found Daniele MALTA on the post for a deflection.

Andrea CORSI added a goal from close range in the final minute of the period for a deserved 2-0 lead going into the half-time break.

Agustin NUNEZ scored a fantastic goal in the 42nd minute, receiving the ball in the middle of the circle and coolly lifting it over the running goal-keeper. The Singaporean players were starting to fade physically, possibly not used to play six high-level games in a week, and Ignacio SALAS added another goal to push the score to 4-0 with still fifteen minutes to go.

Singapore had a final surge, forcing a penalty-corner and threatening for a while Davide GUIDA, who had a quiet afternoon in the Italian goal, but no more goal was scored and Italy finished 5th of the Hero FIH Road to London tournament.

Player of the Match was Ignacio SALAS of Italy.

  • Match 16
  • Date Sun, 26 Feb 2012
  • Time 15:00
  • Pool/Class 5th-6th
  • Venue

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