XX Commonwealth Games 2014 (M)
Glasgow, Scotland - July 24 - 3, 2014
Appointment Name Country Appointed by
Tournament Director DEVADAS Mathavan Singapore FIH
Technical Officer AKPOKAVIE Richard Ghana FIH
Technical Officer McKAY Iain Scotland FIH
Technical Officer CRAIG-ROUSSEAU Maureen Trinidad & Tobago FIH
Technical Officer MORGAN Barbara Scotland FIH
Judge SHARMA Anjali India FIH
Judge STANDLEY Tammy Australia FIH
Judge TRUESDALE Victoria Scotland FIH
Judge GOMES Rigel Trinidad & Tobago FIH
Judge HAWKE Gavin New Zealand FIH
Judge MONAGHAN Martin Scotland FIH
Umpires Manager McMURRAY Clive South Africa FIH
Umpire BARSTOW Dan England FIH
Umpire CALDECOTT Gavin Canada FIH
Umpire DRURY Will Wales FIH
Umpire GREENFIELD Gareth New Zealand FIH
Umpire KEARNS Adam Australia FIH
Umpire KOH Eric Kim Lai Malaysia FIH
Umpire LIM Hong Zhen Singapore FIH
Umpire MADDEN Martin Scotland FIH
Umpire PRASAD Raghu India FIH
Umpire RASOOL Haider Pakistan FIH
Umpire WRIGHT Peter South Africa FIH
Video Umpire HUTCHINSON Colin Northern Ireland FIH

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