BDO Hockey Champions Challenge I (Men)
Salta, Argentina - December 6 - 13, 2009

BEL V CAN ( Final 7-8 ) BDO Hockey Champions Challenge I (Men)

2 - 0

Match Review BEL - CAN 2-0

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7th-8th – Belgium v. Canada: 2-0 (half-time: 1-0)

These two teams last met in their final match at the Beijing Olympics, with a decisive win for Belgium (3-0). Canada started tentatively and needed to be harangued by Rob SHORT to regroup and generate the first chance of the game, a penalty-corner shot wide by Scott TUPPER. Wayne FERNANDES and Ken PEREIRA also had dangerous shots on goal, but both teams were closing each other down in midfield. Belgium increased their pressure and often overwhelmed the Canadian defense, until Renaud PANGRAZIO and Alexandre DEPAEUW arrived alone in front of Dave CARTER in the Canadian goal to open the scoring in the 24th minute.

Canada reacted well and generated a few dangerous shots in the final stage of the period but, despite the support of their loyal group of fans in the stands, they could not close the gap before the break. The two teams had trouble putting structure into their game in second period, and often wasted their moves with unforced errors. The best chance was for Rob SHORT, receiving a pass on the post, but the ball eluded him. Belgium was more efficient at the other end and increased their lead by Renaud PANGRAZIO in the 50th minute.

Canada worked hard in the last quarter to salvage some pride but, with the fatigue of a hard week of hockey, were lacking the jump and rigor to really threaten the Belgium defense.


  • Match 17
  • Date Sun, 13 Dec 2009
  • Time 09:00
  • Pool/Class Final 7-8
  • Venue

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