BDO Hockey Champions Challenge I (Men)
Salta, Argentina - December 6 - 13, 2009

BEL V RSA ( Cross-over 5-8 ) BDO Hockey Champions Challenge I (Men)

3 - 4

Match Review BEL - RSA 3-4

Match Officials

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Cross-over 5-8 – Belgium v. South Africa: 3-4 (half-time: 2-2)

After 24 hours of torrential rains, the weather cleared up just in time for the first match of the day. South Africa had the first chance on a penalty-corner but Belgium defended it well and immediately earned one at the other end on the counter-attack. Jerome DEKEYSER scored it with a low shot that surprised Brendon BOTES in the South African goal. DEKEYSER doubled his tally a few minutes later with a diving deflection but South Africa reduced their deficit in the 17th minute with a penalty-corner by Wade PATON that needed to be confirmed by the video-umpire.

South Africa had a couple more penalty-corner but it is with a superb reverse stick shot that Jonathan ROBINSON brought his team level in the 25th minute. Jerome DEKEYSER, very active upfront, had a massive chance when he received a cross alone on the penalty-stroke point, but he was a tad too slow to shoot on goal. South Africa were down two players in the final minutes of the period, offering yet another chance to DEKEYSER, but no more goals were scored before the break (2-2).

With blue sky and hot sun miraculously back, the second half was a spirited affair, with chances at both ends. Jeffrey THYS crashed a penalty-corner on the post and Vincent van ASCH in the Belgian goal pulled a few strong saves in front of Lloyd NORRIS-JONES, Wade PATON and Marvin HARPER, and it is finally Cedric CHARLIER who broke the deadlock for Belgium in the 51st minute. The Red Devils survived a series of penalty-corners when they were under a yellow card and Jerome DEKEYSER missed another chance to increase their lead on a penalty-stroke brilliantly saved by Brendon BOTES.

South Africa came back level once again in the 65th minute with a direct shot by Justin REID-ROSS on penalty-corner. With extra-time looming, the tempo increased a notch. Felix DENAYER picked up a yellow card and the momentum was all for South Africa. They played quickly a touch and Lloyd MADSEN inherited the ball in the circle and did not miss the opportunity to score his first international goal with a few seconds left on the clock!


  • Match 13
  • Date Sat, 12 Dec 2009
  • Time 09:00
  • Pool/Class Cross-over 5-8
  • Venue

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