Samba stats - Women's Olympic hockey by numbers

July 31, 2016

With six days to go, we give you a quick look at some of the numbers that are sure to make the Olympic hockey competition at Rio 2016 truly exceptional. 

Hockey at Rio 2016 is …

...the ultimate competition

There are 384 hockey athletes competing at the Games, with the 192 male and 192 female players ensuring that the sport is completely gender balanced. A total of 24 teams will take part in the event, 12 in each of the men’s and women’s competitions, with 16 different nations having earned qualification to compete at the greatest show on earth.

There are 60 minutes of non-stop action in matches divided into four thrilling quarters, a format which will be making its Olympic debut in Rio. Another first for Rio 2016 is the introduction of Quarter-Finals, which serve to provide all the drama and excitement of an immediate knock-out competition from the end of the pool matches onwards.

… High-speed

According to FIH Innovation Partner Loughborough University, the top recorded speed of hockey ball is an incredible 160 kilometres per hours (kmh).  Many international athletes are capable of hitting speeds of 35kmh on the field, which is only 9kmh slower than the foot-speed record of 44.64kmh held by legendary Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt. The players have a staggering amount of stamina too, running at a high intensity (above 19kmh) for around 30% of the game and covering on average over 140 metres per minute. Wow.


We only need to look back to the London 2012 Games to prove that hockey is one of the most action-packed and exciting Olympic sports. In the 76 matches played, an incredible 303 goals were scored at the 2012 events, with a breathtaking 155 different scorers. It equates to an average of 17 minutes between goals, and four goals a match. You certainly won’t be bored!

Women's hockey at the Olympics...

First played: 1980 (9 Editions)

Total no of nations participated: 21

Most appearances in women's Olympic hockey: 8 (Australia/Netherlands)

Total matches played in women's Olympic hockey: 240

Top five teams in terms of matches won at women's Olympic hockey events: 
37 - Netherlands
33 - Australia
21 - Argentina
19 - Germany
16 - Korea

Total goals scored in women's Olympic hockey: 823

Top five teams in terms of goals scored in women's Olympic hockey:
120 - Australia
117 - Netherlands
92 - Korea
78 - Argentina
64 - Germany

Max goals scored in an Olympic women's hockey event: 149 (2008)

Max goals scored by a team in a women's Olympic hockey event: 27 - Australia (1996)

Min goals conceded by a team in a women's Olympic hockey event: 2 - Australia (2012)

Biggest winning margin in a women's Olympic hockey event: South Africa 7, USA 0 (2012)

Biggest winning margin in a gold medal match: Zimbabwe 4, Poland 0 (1980)

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