Indoor Hockey World Cup Leipzig 2003
Leipzig, Germany - February 5 - 9, 2003
Appointment Name Country Appointed by
Tournament Director GRÜNER Ingeborg Austria
Technical Officer JOHNSON Madge Canada FIH
Technical Officer SPORK Monika Germany FIH
Technical Officer COLL Roser Spain FIH
Judge AICHINGER Barbel Germany FIH
Judge LAU Dagmar Germany FIH
Judge van RENSBURG Marie South Africa FIH
Judge WHITE Janet Scotland FIH
Judge FILIMONOVA Raisa Russia FIH
Medical Officer MÜLLER-EISING Wiebke (Dr.) Germany FIH
Medical Officer ROLLE Udo (Dr.) Germany FIH
Media Officer RAHUSEN Arjen Netherlands FIH
Umpires Manager BRADA Yolande Netherlands FIH
Assistant Umpires Manager von RETH Peter Netherlands FIH
Umpire CONEN Ute Germany FIH
Umpire DUNCAN Jean Scotland FIH
Umpire HENNING Dawn England FIH
Umpire HILL Lynette Australia FIH
Umpire KNIPE Louise England FIH
Umpire MALINA Heike Germany FIH
Umpire McRAE Anne Scotland FIH
Umpire RIVERA Monica Spain FIH
Umpire WESSEL-VERWER Mirjam Netherlands FIH
Umpire PASTOROVA Ludmila Slovakia FIH
Umpire SIVTSOVA Irina Russia FIH
Appointment Name Country Appointed by
Technical Delegate CAMPBELL Martin Scotland FIH
Technical Officer RIEMERSMA Japik Netherlands FIH
Technical Officer WOODS Allan United States FIH
Technical Officer STECKELBRUCK Harald Germany FIH
Technical Officer CONRADI Guenther Germany FIH
Judge BRACA Guido Italy FIH
Judge von LIVONIUS Dagmar Germany FIH
Judge VYMAZAL Jan Czech Republic FIH
Judge DAKINIEWICZ Cyril Australia FIH
Umpire WOLTER Richard Germany FIH
Umpire BROWN Jeff (Dr.) New Zealand FIH
Umpire SIMPSON Steve United States FIH
Umpire TEIXEIRA Pedro Portugal FIH
Umpire SANDHU Mark Australia FIH
Umpire DOBRITZHOFER Andreas Austria FIH
Umpire O'CONNOR Ray Ireland FIH
Umpire EHLERS Henrik Denmark FIH
Umpire SCHELLEKENS Philip Netherlands FIH
Umpire REQUENA Juan Manuel Spain FIH
Umpire LEIPER David Scotland FIH
Umpire BLASCH Christian Germany FIH
Umpire STAPPAERTS Jean-Francois Belgium FIH
Umpire BROOKS Stephen England FIH

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