Appointment Name Country Appointed by
Tournament Director HAWKE Gavin New Zealand FIH
Technical Officer WEBSTER Adam Australia OHF
Judge VINCENT Koni Fiji OHF
Judge KAHAI Thomas Papua New Guinea NA
Judge UNDERWOOD Joanna Fiji
Umpires Manager FRENCH Colin New Zealand FIH
Neutral Umpire BOND Tim New Zealand FIH
Umpire STEWART James Australia OHF
Umpire PONDRELEI Simon Papua New Guinea OHF
Umpire THRESHER Simon Australia OHF
Umpire HERITAGE Harry Fiji OHF
Umpire TUKUCA Epeli Fiji OHF
Umpire ULIMPUI Vincent Papua New Guinea OHF
Umpire VIRA Frank Vanuatu NA
Tournament Administrator GEMMING Gill New Zealand NA

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