Appointment Name Country Appointed by
Tournament Director CANNIFFE Martin Ireland FIH
Technical Officer BINDER Ursula Austria NA
Judge SOCKIS Boris Lithuania NA
Judge BENDAK David Czech Republic NA
Judge RAKOVA Magdelena Czech Republic NA
Umpires Manager EILMER Thomas Austria FIH
Neutral Umpire MARTIN-SCHMETS Celine Belgium FIH
Umpire LANZAS Yolande France NA
Umpire OZTURK Esin Turkey NA
Umpire ULRICH Xenia Austria NA
Umpire VENCLOVA Martina Czech Republic NA
Umpire HOLEK Tomas Czech Republic NA
Umpire HORDZICH Eduard Belarus NA
Tournament Administrator KRIKAVOVA Marketa Czech Republic NA
Tournament Administrator KOLAROVA Michaela Czech Republic NA

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