Appointment Name Country Appointed by
DEVADAS Mathavan Singapore FIH
FIH Representative NEGRE Leandro Spain FIH
FIH Event Co-ordinator BAY Yasemin Great Britain FIH
Technical Officer CATTON Steve Great Britain FIH
Judge de SALES Claudius India FIH
Judge OTI-MENSAH Frank Ghana FIH
Judge KANYANGARARA Aaron Zimbabwe FIH
Medical Officer GEMMING John New Zealand FIH
Umpires Manager SCHELLEKENS Philip Netherlands FIH
Umpires Manager ST. ROSE Roger Trinidad & Tobago FIH
Umpire SINGH SANGHA Gurinder India FIH
Umpire HUNDLEY Grant United States FIH
Umpire KEARNS Adam Australia FIH
Umpire MONTES DE OCA German Argentina FIH
Umpire PRASAD Raghu India FIH
Umpire SHRIVES Ayden South Africa FIH
Umpire STAGNO Nathan Great Britain FIH
Umpire SWEETMAN David Great Britain FIH
Umpire TOMLINSON David New Zealand FIH
Umpire WALKER Paul Great Britain FIH
Video Umpire MAIR Andy Great Britain FIH
FIH Event Director ATKINSON Hilary Great Britain FIH
FIH Sport Operations Manager FAULDS Todd Australia FIH
FIH Media Operations Manager STAINTHORPE Richard Great Britain FIH
FIH Social Media Officer NIEDERMEYER Nina Germany FIH

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