SRI V BRU ( Pool ) 2016 Women Hockey World League Round 1 - Singapore (SIN)

6 - 0

Match Review SRI - BRU 6-0

Report from Singapore Hockey Federation

Sri Lanka put six past Brunei

Sri Lanka faced Brunei in Round 1 of the 2016 Women Hockey League and they came out victorious with a 6-0 win against a poor Brunei side.

Sri Lanka kicked off the first half with a field goal by Chathurika Wijesooriya at the two minute mark, and a chance created by Pradeepa Gangedura a the 9th minute mark.

Though Brunei was able to create chances for themselves, the sloppy possession of the ball allowed Sri Lanka to easily steal the ball from them. Passes were not coordinated well, and there seemed to be the lack of communication between the players at the beginning of the first half.

Sri Lanka consistently gained the upperhand in the match, taking full advantage of the sloppy passes from Brunei, thus enabling Imesha Weerabathu to successfully sling the ball into the net at the 19th minute mark.

Twelve minutes away from half-time, the scoreboard remained 2-0, with Brunei unable to gain a footing in the competition.

But Nur’Izzati Idris from Brunei challenged Geethika Gangedura at the 23rd minute mark, with the former failing to keep possession of the ball.

Six minutes later, Sri Lanka was awarded a penalty corner but Chathurika Wijesooriya’s attempt misses the net and bounces off the goalpost at the corner of the D.

Chances were definitely plenty in the first half, however, Brunei did not take advantage and were not rectifying the mistakes made earlier. Passes were easily curbed by the opposing team.

The second half saw Brunei still striving hard to convert the chances to scores, while Sri Lanka continued to put pressure on Brunei.

At the 46th minute mark, another penalty corner was given to Sri Lanka, but the shot was blocked by Brunei’s captain, Latifah Sawal and teammate Dyasya Sameon.  

Not leaving the match without a fight, Nur’Izzati Idris and Nurul Syazwani cornered Chathuri Konnasingha just at the edge of the D with Chathuri losing the possession of the ball.

Sri Lanka was awarded a penalty corner a minute before full time, and Geethika Gangedura fought hard to keep possession of the ball while Brunei’s Captain, Latifah Sawal desperately tried to get ahold of the ball.

Sadly, the struggle for possession of the ball was met with the final whistle, concluding the match with Brunei losing 0-6 to Sri Lanka. 

Sri Lanka has no chance of qualifying to the next round, but the long awaited win can be considered a good reward for this hardworking side. Brunei will have to do a lot more if they want to snatch a win against Singapore on Friday night.


Team Minute Shirt # Player Action Score
SRI 3 9 WIJESOORIYA Chathurika FG 1 - 0
SRI 19 6 WEERABAHU Imesha FG 2 - 0
SRI 31 4 KONNASINGHA Chathuri FG 3 - 0
SRI 39 4 KONNASINGHA Chathuri PC 4 - 0
SRI 42 10 BATTAGODAGE Nayana FG 5 - 0
SRI 53 13 WIJESOORIYA Yamuna FG 6 - 0


Team Minute Shirt # Player Type
SRI 47 11 PANAWALA Chaturika G
BRU 66 8 HAJI Baizura G


Minute Shirt # Name Goals Green Yellow Red
3 KESUT Rokiah
4 JUNA Jurelena
6 IDRIS Nur'Izzati
8 HAJI Baizura 1
9 HAJI Fatimah
10 ABDUL AZIZ Nor Azzah
12 SAWAL Latifah
15 LATIF Salawati
16 MOHD Nurul Syazwani
18 MEKRAT Wardah
20 BUSRAH Zuridah
23 SUFRI Siti
24 ABDUL SALIM Norassikin
30 SAMEON Dyasya
  Team Manager Norhayati Latif
  Head Coach ABD RAHMAN Shaiful Azli
  Stand-In Manager DYG Hajah Sulaiman
  Physiotherapist ZAINAL ABIDIN Muhd Affiq
  Assistant Coach MOHAMED SALLEH Izzwan

DNP = Did not participate
S = Suspended
DSQ = Disqualified

Match Officials

Role Official
Umpire 1 CHAUNGMANICHOT Thanittha
Reserve Umpire FUJIHARA Mayumi
Judge 1 LIU Zhipeng
Judge 2 AUNG Zarni
Technical Officer YAU Wai Shan
  • Match 13
  • Date Thu, 14 Apr 2016
  • Time 14:30
  • Pool/Class Pool
  • Venue Pitch 2

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