HKG V SRI ( Pool ) 2016 Women Hockey World League Round 1 - Singapore (SIN)

4 - 1

Match Review HKG - SRI 4-1

Report from Singapore Hockey Federation

HK SAR Come Out Top After Intense Battle

Round one of Hockey World League on Sunday saw HKSAR and Sri Lanka engaged in a hard fought battle despite the scoreline suggesting otherwise. HKSAR ultimately went on to win the game 4-1.

HKSAR started the game strong by pressing and putting pressure on the Sri Lankan defense. They  managed to win a couple of penalty corners early in the game but the Sri Lankans were able to put up a wall of defense and Sri Lankan custodian Keerthirathna Erandi pulling out all the stops.

Sri Lanka turned their defense into offense and began to push forward, showing flair in their skillful dribbling as they constantly found themselves in the circle. HKSAR however, showed no intention in conceding as they defended frantically.

It was a back and forth battle between the two sides with Sri Lanka seemingly having the upper hand in the half. However, HKSAR turned the tables and opened the scoring with a flick from Tiffany Chan in the 19th minute.

The first half came to a close with Sri Lanka’s Chaturika skipping into the D and hitting in shots as HKSAR’s custodian, Yip Ting Wai efficaciously guarded the goal to end the half with HKSAR leading 1-0.

Sri Lanka wasted no time in seeking the equalizing goal and struck the HKSAR defense immediately after the second-half kick-off. Their efforts nearly paid off with Weerabahu Imesha narrowly missing the goal after a well-worked team effort.

To Sri Lanka’s dismay, HKSAR’s Tiffany Chan found the back of the net once again, smashing the ball into the goal after two consecutive penalty corners to double HKSAR’s lead.

Minutes later, Captain Lo I Ka widened the gap with a marvelous shot to make it 3-0.

HKSAR continued to dominate the game, ferociously attacking with Tiffany Chan nearly accomplishing her hat-trick with a wheezing shot that hit the post.

Sri Lanka showed heart and determination as they continued to fight but a 64th minute effort from Phobe Mak completed the job and sealed the all-important win for HKSAR.

Sri Lanka closed the game with a well-deserved goal that was reflective of their effort in the match. Nayana’s tap-in from a Chaturika pass in the final minute of the game gave the Sri Lankan crowd something to cheer.


Team Minute Shirt # Player Action Score
HKG 19 3 CHAN Tiffany FG 1 - 0
HKG 48 3 CHAN Tiffany PC 2 - 0
HKG 50 15 LO I Ka PC 3 - 0
HKG 64 4 MAK Phoebe FG 4 - 0
SRI 70 10 BATTAGODAGE Nayana FG 4 - 1


Team Minute Shirt # Player Type
HKG 16 13 MOK Ka Man G
SRI 24 11 PANAWALA Chaturika G
HKG 32 3 CHAN Tiffany G
SRI 47 15 HEWA Shanika Y


Minute Shirt # Name Goals Green Yellow Red
1 YIP Ting Wai
2 CHAN Yi Man
3 CHAN Tiffany 2 1
4 MAK Phoebe 1
5 CHEUNG Evelyn
6 MA Sin Yiu
7 CHAN Chi
8 CHENG Melvina
9 HO Weeraya
10 CHAN Ching Nam
11 CHUEN Sze Sze
12 CHAN Ka Yee
13 MOK Ka Man 1
14 LAU Pui Sze
15 LO I Ka 1
16 PANG Hoi Ming
17 LAW Melissa
18 KWOK Suen Ni
  Head Coach ARIFALI
  Team Manager LIP Wai Ting
  Physiotherapist YUNG Mei Chun


DNP = Did not participate
S = Suspended
DSQ = Disqualified

Match Officials

Role Official
Umpire 1 ARIFFIN Miskarmalia
Umpire 2 ZAINUDDIN Ayu
Reserve Umpire DYUSSEMBEKOVA Amina
Judge 1 GUBENKO Vitaliy
Judge 2 AUNG Zarni
Technical Officer SAPARI Rilaini
  • Match 6
  • Date Sun, 10 Apr 2016
  • Time 20:00
  • Pool/Class Pool
  • Venue Pitch 1

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