KAZ V CAM ( Pool ) 2016 Women Hockey World League Round 1 - Singapore (SIN)

14 - 0

Match Review KAZ - CAM 14-0

Report from Singapore Hockey Federation

Cambodia suffer fourteen goal drubbing at the hands of Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan fired a warning to their women's pool rivals as they put a weak Cambodian team to the sword at Pitch 2, Sengkang Hockey Stadium on 10 April (Sunday).

Cambodia did put in better performance in the first 10 minutes against Kazakhstan compared to their shambolic performance in the same period against Thailand the previous night.

The Kazakhs were clearly the stronger of the two teams but they were initially unable to find the breakthrough, spurning two chances from penalty corners in the first 15 minutes including an ambitious shot by Symbat Sabazova that flew just above the post.

The breakthrough for the Kazakhs would come in the 16th minute after Natalya Sazontova opened the scoring for the Kazakhs by converting from a penalty corner.

The floodgates would soon open for the Kazakhs as they put in four more goals in the space of six minutes a Vera Domashneva, Olga Khonina and Assel Mukasheva tore through the porous Cambodian defence to increase their lead to 5-0.

Having conceded already five goals by the 25th minute mark, Cambodia reverted to all-out defending in their own half.

However, this was to no avail as Kazakh captain Natalya Gatulina's shot found its way into the back of the net in the 30th minute despite Cambodian custodian Sreytouch's best efforts.

Kazakhstan continued to torment the Cambodians in the second half with goals by Khonina and Domashneva just after the restart to increase the score to 8-0. Gataulina also found herself on the scoresheet again in the 45th minute, collecting a pass from outside the D before making a quick turn to shoot past Sreytouch.

Sabazova finally got onto the scoresheet in the second half with a goal in the 55th minute from a penalty corner, before substitute Gulim Idirissova added her name to the scoresheet with two goals in the 59th and 60th minute.

Arguably, the best goal of the night was scored by the Kazakh number 10 Domashneva. The attacker displayed excellent stickwork as she completed a mazy run into the D before shooting past Sreytouch in the 64th minute.

Kazakhstan's rout was completed with a goal from a penalty corner by Alissa Chepkassova just two minutes later.

Having conceded 28 goals in this round so far, qualification to the Round 2 of the Hockey World League is unlikely for the Cambodians. Nevertheless, the Khmer team should take heart and they can certainly learn from this match on how they can improve their defensive work in future games.

For Kazakhstan, their 14-0 performance ensured that they matched Thailand's scoreline against Cambodia by the same margin on the 9 April. It will be interesting to see how these two sides will fare when they meet each other on 15 April.


Team Minute Shirt # Player Action Score
KAZ 16 4 SAZONTOVA Natalya PC 1 - 0
KAZ 17 10 DOMASHNEVA Vera FG 2 - 0
KAZ 18 5 KHONINA Olga FG 3 - 0
KAZ 21 5 KHONINA Olga FG 4 - 0
KAZ 22 2 MUKASHEVA Assel FG 5 - 0
KAZ 30 15 GATAULINA Natalya FG 6 - 0
KAZ 37 5 KHONINA Olga FG 7 - 0
KAZ 41 10 DOMASHNEVA Vera FG 8 - 0
KAZ 45 15 GATAULINA Natalya FG 9 - 0
KAZ 55 17 SABAZOVA Symbat PC 10 - 0
KAZ 59 8 IDIRISSOVA Gulim FG 11 - 0
KAZ 60 8 IDIRISSOVA Gulim FG 12 - 0
KAZ 64 10 DOMASHNEVA Vera FG 13 - 0
KAZ 66 13 CHEPKASSOVA Alissa PC 14 - 0


Minute Shirt # Name Goals Green Yellow Red
1 KEO Sreytouch
4 SOTH Chan Thon
5 PHON Sethya
6 SAM Chanpheary
7 THEAB Sina
8 RUN Theary
9 PHAN Mao
10 HENG Ry
11 KHUT Sreynich
12 KHATH Lao
14 ENG Srey Sros
15 DOUNG Karona
16 KONG Nika
17 KEOV Kemlai
18 CHOEM Sreynin
21 CHHEOUNG Sovanphearum
  Head Coach ASIF MAQSOOD Rana
  Physiotherapist KELLY Tim
  Team Manager MALY Mey
  Assistant Coach SOPHANNA Kuch

DNP = Did not participate
S = Suspended
DSQ = Disqualified

Match Officials

Role Official
Umpire 1 DAGAR Nirmla
Umpire 2 PERERA Dinesha
Reserve Umpire CHAUNGMANICHOT Thanittha
Judge 1 RAMASAMY Kumarasan
Judge 2 IMUAN Kamonwan
Technical Officer TAN Bernetta
  • Match 5
  • Date Sun, 10 Apr 2016
  • Time 19:30
  • Pool/Class Pool
  • Venue Pitch 2

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