HKG V CHN ( Pool A ) 2016 Men Hockey World League Round 1 - Singapore (SIN)

0 - 16

Match Review HKG - CHN 0-16

Report from Singapore Hockey Federation

China take apart Hong Kong SAR with near perfect performance

China easily dispatched the team from the Special Administrative Region (SAR) of Hong Kong 16-0 on Wednesday (13 April) as they set their sights on winning Round 1 of the Hockey World League.

China showed plenty of aggression on the ball as they started out by attacking a Hong Kong SAR side that ground out wins in their previous two matches. In fact, the Mainland Chinese would go on to win the game with 10 of their goals coming from near-perfect penalty corners.

Hong Kong looked less adventurous in this match, preferring to sit deep and break during the counter. As such, the more talented Chinese players were able to cut through their heavily stretched midfield almost at ease.

It did not take China long to register their first goal. E Wunhui easily scored in the 3rd minute with a goal from field play, before adding another via a deflection from a penalty corner just three minutes later.

Huang Jingcheng scored straight from the penalty corner with a powerful shot in the 11th minute, before substitute Kang Tongtong scored with a sublime shot from within the D in the 20th minute.

China really showed their prowess in set-pieces as Guo Haifeng and Zhang Taozhu scored with power from penalty corners in the 24th and 28th minutes, with Lin Changliang getting himself on the scoresheet in the 26th minute between these two goals.

E Wunhui would complete his hat-trick in the 30th minute inside the D after a Hong Kong custodian Michael Chung failed to clear away a shot from long range.

By the 33rd minute Hong Kong SAR were well and truly beaten after substitute Wang Xiaohui hit the ball into the back of the net after a penalty corner.

Hong Kong SAR came out in the second half playing for pride, and they managed to put in a decent defensive performance to keep out China. Custodian Michael Chung was at hand to deflect two goal bound shots by the Chinese players in the first ten minutes of the half

However, there was probably nothing that Chung or Hong Kong could have done any better to keep out a rampant Chinese side who were scoring almost at will, be it from field goals or penalty corners.

China's penalty corner expert Huang Jingcheng dispatched the men from the SAR with powerful shots from penalty corners in the 45th, 49th, 54th, 58th and 70th minutes of the match.

Substitute Yu Xin also managed to find himself in the scoresheet in the 48th minute of the match after a good thunderous shot into the net from wide right.

China are almost certainly through to the semi-finals of the men's competition in Singapore, and they will certainly look to put on a good goalscoring show against their next opponents Brunei.

As for Hong Kong SAR, they will look to bounce back to winning ways when they face Thailand next on Thursday (14 April).



Team Minute Shirt # Player Action Score
CHN 3 9 E Wenhui FG 0 - 1
CHN 6 9 E Wenhui PC 0 - 2
CHN 11 26 HUANG Jingcheng PC 0 - 3
CHN 20 24 KANG Tongtong FG 0 - 4
CHN 24 17 GUO Haifeng PC 0 - 5
CHN 26 6 LIN Changliang FG 0 - 6
CHN 29 20 ZHANG Taozhu PC 0 - 7
CHN 30 9 E Wenhui FG 0 - 8
CHN 33 21 WANG Xiaowei PC 0 - 9
CHN 45 26 HUANG Jingcheng PC 0 - 10
CHN 48 10 YU Xin FG 0 - 11
CHN 49 26 HUANG Jingcheng PC 0 - 12
CHN 53 6 LIN Changliang FG 0 - 13
CHN 55 26 HUANG Jingcheng PC 0 - 14
CHN 57 26 HUANG Jingcheng PC 0 - 15
CHN 70 26 HUANG Jingcheng PC 0 - 16


Team Minute Shirt # Player Type
HKG 29 7 YU Chun Hin G
HKG 45 18 ZIEZ Almas G
HKG 49 2 TSE Man Chun Y


Minute Shirt # Name Goals Green Yellow Red
1 CHAN Kam Tai
2 TSE Man Chun 1
4 IU Felix
5 LEE Wang Chiu
6 YU Chi Wai
7 YU Chun Hin 1
8 LO Si Hon
11 CHAN Ka Chun
12 ALI Usman
14 TSANG Kin Kan
15 TSO Tsz Fung
16 CHUNG Michael
17 KWOK Chun Ting
18 ZIEZ Almas 1
19 TSOI Gabriel
20 SIU Chun Ming
21 MONTHONG Windfall
  Team Manager LEUNG Eddie
  Head Coach KAKE Mark
  Physiotherapist LAU Cheuk Ting
  Stand-In Manager KWAN Chi Hong


Minute Shirt # Name Goals Green Yellow Red
1 CHENG Xiyuan
3 AO Zhiwei
6 LIN Changliang 2
8 SU Kaijun
9 E Wenhui 3
10 YU Xin 1
11 WANG Bowen
12 MENG Dihao
14 MENG Lei
17 GUO Haifeng 1
19 WANG Hongyu
20 ZHANG Taozhu 1
21 WANG Xiaowei 1
22 SU Lixing
23 GUO Zixiang
24 KANG Tongtong 1
26 HUANG Jingcheng 6
32 WU Xiaohui
  Team Manager YANG Liu
  Head Coach SONG Yi
  Stand-In Manager LIU Xiantang
  Assistant Coach DE Yunze
  Physiotherapist YANG Haiming
  Medical Doctor ZHOU Tianhong

DNP = Did not participate
S = Suspended
DSQ = Disqualified

Match Officials

Role Official
Umpire 1 ROGERS Steve
Umpire 2 KINOSHITA Hideki
Reserve Umpire ANBANANTHAN Rawi
Judge 1 TAN Bernetta
Judge 2 GUBENKO Vitaliy
Technical Officer RAMASAMY Kumarasan
  • Match 12
  • Date Wed, 13 Apr 2016
  • Time 17:30
  • Pool/Class Pool A
  • Venue Pitch 1

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