Best Player

FIH Player of the Year past winners 

The FIH Player of the Year Award is the annual award for the best men’s and women’s player in international hockey in a given calendar year as determined by stakeholder vote.


2020-21 Harmanpreet Singh IND
2019 Manpreet Singh IND
2018 Arthur Van Doren BEL
2017 Arthur Van Doren BEL
2016 John-John Dohmen BEL
2015 Robert Van Der Horst NED
2014 Mark Knowles AUS
2013 Tobias Hauke 
2012 Moritz Furste GER
2011 Jamie Dwyer AUS
2010 Jamie Dwyer AUS
2009 Jamie Dwyer AUS
2008 Pol Amat ESP
2007 Jamie Dwyer AUS
2006 Teun de Nooijer NED
2005 Teun de Nooijer NED
2004 Jamie Dwyer AUS
2003 Teun de Nooijer NED
2002 Michael Green GER
2001 Florian Kunz GER
2000 Stephan Veen NED
1999 Jay Stacy AUS
1998 Stephan Veen NED


2020-21 Gurjit Kaur IND
2019 Eva de Goede NED
2018 Eva de Goede NED
2017 Delfina Merino ARG
2016 Naomi Van As NED
2015 Lidewij Welten NED
2014 Ellen Hoog NED
2013 Luciana Aymar ARG
2012 Maartje Paumen NED
2011 Maartje Paumen NED
2010 Luciana Aymar ARG
2009 Luciana Aymar & Naomi Van As ARG/NED
2008 Luciana Aymar ARG
2007 Luciana Aymar ARG
2006 Minke Booij NED
2005 Luciana Aymar ARG
2004 Luciana Aymar ARG
2003 Mijntje Donners NED
2002 Cecilia Rognoni ARG
2001 Luciana Aymar ARG
2000 Alyson Annan AUS
1999 Natascha Keller GER
1998 Alyson Annan AUS


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