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A new strategy engineered for hockey

The Quality Programme for Hockey Turf is a major FIH initiative. The programme underpins all of FIH’s strategic goals; the Hockey Revolution requires the support of businesses who innovate, manufacture and build the quality facilities.

Ensuring the sustainability, affordability and accessibility of hockey turfs worldwide

The programme is designed to support ALL National Associations. Developing, building, certifying and maintaining hockey turfs is a serious business requiring major investment. Membership in the programme is restricted to businesses who have a proven track record – these are businesses you can trust with your very important hockey facilities projects.

Find out more at: http://fih.ch/inside-fih/fih-quality-programme-for-hockey-turf/

Meet Quality Programme members in Dubai

The Quality Programme has the following events in Dubai as part of the Congress.

  • Turf & Field Seminar Welcome Reception, 9th November (evening)
  • Turf & Field Seminar, 10th November (all day)

The Seminar will be attended by more than 50 members of the programme from around the world. The day will be spent presenting the Hockey Revolution and new developments for facilities.

Members of the programme will also attend the Hockey Revolution 2 Welcome Reception on 10th November. This is your chance to meet hockey turf builders, manufactures, designers and testers. These are the top hockey facilities people in the world – please make sure you meet them; they will ensure your next project is a success.

National Associations are welcome to attend the Turf & Field Welcome Reception and Seminar. If you would like to attend, meet with a Quality Programme member or simply know more please contact alaistar.cox@fih.ch or ask at the Welcome Desk.

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