Turf & Field Forum

We have great day planned for you at this year’s Turf & Field Forum, packed with information and an exciting line of up guest speakers and commentators including; FIH CEO Kelly Fairweather, FIH Directors and Staff, as well as guest speakers from England Hockey, SMG, ISA Sport, Signgrass and Musco Lighting Group.

We have also added to the Turf and Field day a special clinic for National Associations wishing to discuss in more detail specific facility questions related to their up and coming projects.

9th November 2016


Turf & Facilities Seminar Drinks Reception

Intercontinental Hotel, Vista Terrace

10th November 2016

09.30 Welcome
09.35 Introduction to Hockey Revolution
David Luckes (FIH Sport and Development Director)
09.55 Quality Programme – Review of the First 12 Months
Alastair Cox (FIH Facilities & Equipment Manager)
10.20 Coffee Break
10.40 FIH Hockey Turf Handbook 2017 Edition
Proposed changes and implementation
Alastair Cox (FIH Facilities & Equipment Manager)
11.40 Issues Facing Those Investing In Hockey Fields – a National Association’s perspective
Kirsty Goldie-Brammer, (England Hockey Club and Facilities Manager – supported by Notts Sport Ltd)
12.10 FIH Communication – Opportunities to Promote the Quality Programme and Our Licensees
Danny Parker (FIH Communications Manager)
12.30 Lunch
13.45 FIH Sustainability Programme & Our Interaction with IOC
Mathilde Grenet (FIH Sports & Events Assistant)
14.00 Hockey Turf Sustainability Assessment Programme
Gert-Jan Kieft (ISA Sport)
14.45 Innovative Use Of Logos To Create Crowd Funding Opportunities For New Hockey Fields
Leon van Zijl & Carin Davits (SignGrass)
15.15 Tea break
15.30 Hockey 5s – A New Facilities Opportunity
Richard Tattershaw (FIH Business Development Director)
16.00 Lighting of Hockey Fields
Alastair Cox (FIH)
Chris Limpach (General Manager, Musco Lighting Europe)
16.30 Maintenance of Hockey
Turf Tobias Owegeser (SMG)
17.15 Summary and Close
Kelly Fairweather (FIH CEO)
19.00 Hockey Revolution 2 Welcome Reception


FIH Preferred Suppliers  
ACT Global Dan Clapham
Astroturf Andy Belles
Edel Grass Ralph Teunissen
Edel Grass Victor Neuteboom
Fieldturf Peter Van Reijen
Lano Sports Stefaan Fey
Lano Sports Chris Vandenborre
Tencate Grass Paul Milton
Tencate Grass Bart Wijers
Tencate Grass Ton Raaphorst
Polytan Markus Deimling
Polytan Paul Kamphuis
Polytan Fred Van Wijk
Polytan Stephen Niven


FIH Certified Manufacturers  
CC Grass Liang Zhang
Condor Hein Heerink
Grassman Mike Nobbs
Grassman Kim wai Wong
Limonta Davide Bertoli
Sport & Leisure Philippe Dierkens
SIS David Ball
Taishan Jingyu Xin
Taishan Haisheng Liu


FIH Certified Field Builders  
ABS Sports Surfaces Alan Berry
ABS Sports Surfaces Jaun Micheel
Resinsa Rodolfo Schmidt
Resinsa Pablo Gonzalez
Spadeoak Dave Dawe
Spadeoak Gary McIlheron
S & C Slatter Jason Douglass


Accredited Test Institutes  
Acoustoscan Grant Humphreys
Acoustoscan Anthony Apparailly
ISA Sport Gert-Jan Kieft
Labosport Colin Young
Sports Labs Richard Nixon
Sports Labs Eric O’Donnell
Surface Performance Callum Reid
Uni Gent Stijn Rambour


Speakers (& sponsors)  
England Hockey Kirsty Goldie-Brammer
Notts Sport Nick McLaren
Notts Sport Duncan Bennett


SignGrass Leon van Zijl
SignGrass Carin Davits
SMG Tobias Owegeser
SMG Mariem Mazeni
Musco Chris Limpach
Musco Derek Field


AFN Sports Ralph Cappelle
Floordesign Michael Lang
Mattex Group - Greenvision Geert Haentjens


FIH Organisers & Speakers  
FIH Alastair Cox – Facilities and Quality Programme Manager
FIH Paula Jenkins – Sport Coordinator
FIH Speakers Kelly Fairweather – CEO
FIH Speakers Mathilde Grenet - Sport & Events Assistant
FIH Speakers David Luckes – Director of Sport
FIH Speakers Danny Parker – Communications & Digital Manager
FIH Speakers Richard Tattershaw – Business Development Director


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