Hockey Revolution

The Revolution continues...

In October 2014, the hockey family got together in Marrakesh, Morocco for the launch of the Hockey Revolution - a 10-year strategy set to raise the global status and popularity of hockey, making it a global game that inspires the next generation.


Since setting these four big goals only two short years ago, it’s amazing to review what has been achieved to date when we are united in a shared vision for the future.

Hockey Revolution 2 – No Limits, Dubai, is the second chapter in our journey so far.

Prepare yourself to be wowed, informed, challenged and moved, encouraged to ask questions, as well as help, share and inspire each other along the way as we explore the following:

  • Personal stories from National Associations around the globe, describing in their own words their involvement and the impact the Hockey Revolution has had on them.

  • A state of the nation round-up from CEO, Kelly Fairweather on Hockey’s 5 major initiatives and evidence of the Hockey Revolution starting to take hold.

  • The Quality Programme for Hockey Turf. We can only achieve our ambition with the support of businesses who innovate, manufacture and build the facilities that are essential for expansion of the game. Meet the partners helping us make this happen.

  • Understand the power of brand and how hockey can build a powerful image from one of the worlds brand guru’s.

  • How much do you really know your hockey audiences? Find out what is fact and fiction when we share findings from our global research study…. you will be surprised at some of the findings!

  • Be there for a first peak at Hockey’s new brand.

  • Get the facts on Hockey’s exciting new fan focused events portfolio – this is something you will not want to miss.

  • Celebrate our revolutionaries, at the No Limits Ball at the Armani Hotel, where for the first time we will be presenting the Hockey Revolution Awards.

  • Governance. Find out how we can maintain the integrity of our sport. Learn about what we are doing about doping and match fixing. What can you do to help?

Remember this is your opportunity to network, join workshops, learn more and get involved. It’s your conference, make sure you do as much as you can to be in a position to propel the Hockey Revolution in your part of the globe.

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