Official Documents

 Congress Official Notice Documents:

2021-04-22_FIH Congress Official Notice.pdf (348.5 KB)
FIH Congress Agenda 22.05.2021.pdf (382.5 KB)
FIH Congress.Agenda.Hockey Invites.pdf (344.1 KB)
FIH President Report.pdf (2128.1 KB)
Updated 47th FIH Congress Candidates 2021.pdf (109.2 KB)
Item 1_ Audited Accounts 2018-2019.pdf (273.3 KB)
Item 2_ Judicial Commission Report.pdf (72.4 KB)
Item 3_Ratification of appointment of JC President CV GEORGE BENNETT.pdf (134.2 KB)
Item 4_New Membership Applications.pdf (359.2 KB)
Item 5_Indonesian Hockey Association Report.pdf (269.0 KB)
Item 6_Report Elections Oversight Panel_08.04.2021.pdf (127.4 KB)
Item 7a_Letter to NAs Proposed amendments to FIH Statutes.pdf (316.2 KB)
Item 7b_Proposed Statutes amendments_Redlined.pdf (304.2 KB)
Item 7c_Proposed Statutes Amendments Table.pdf (234.6 KB)
Item 8a_FIH President Candidate_ Dr Narinder Dhruv Batra.pdf (367.6 KB)
Item 8b_FIH President Candidate_ Mr Marc Coudron.pdf (374.4 KB)
Item 8c_Elections Package EB Member Candidates 47th Congress.pdf (853.1 KB)

Committee Reports

Congress Report-Athletes Committee.pdf (193.8 KB)
Congress Report-DEC.pdf (226.2 KB)
Congress Report-Disciplinary Commissioner.pdf (195.5 KB)
Congress Report - Health and Safety Committee.pdf (194.0 KB)
Congress Report' Integrity Unit Report.pdf (302.0 KB)
Congress Report-Rule Committee.pdf (206.4 KB)
Governance Panel Report for the FIH Congress 2021.pdf (152.7 KB)
Congress Report-Competitions Committee.pdf (212.0 KB)
Congress Report-Women in Sport Committee.pdf (187.1 KB)
Congress Report Officials Committee.pdf (217.9 KB)

 Congress Documents

Voting Scenarios_ 47th FIH Congress.pdf (94.7 KB)
EOP Post Congress Report 2021_ 28.05.2021.pdf (196.6 KB)
FIH Congress minutes 22 May 21 2021_approved.pdf (586.5 KB)


FIH Nominations Package 47th Congress

We are pleased to formally announce the call for nominations for election to the FIH Executive Board. The elections will take place during the FIH Congress taking place virtually on Saturday 22 May 2021.

Nominations are called for the following positions:

  • FIH President
  • 4 ordinary members, of which two (2) must be female and two (2) must be male

The Nominations package contains details on the process for nomination as well as information regarding the roles of an FIH President and FIH Executive Board Member and a list of the outgoing Members of the Executive Board.

1. FIH Nominations Package.pdf (121.0 KB)
2. FIH EB Member Job Description and Role of Board.pdf (151.0 KB)
3. Role of the President.pdf (123.0 KB)
4. President's Job Description.pdf (95.5 KB)
5. Outgoing EB Members.pdf (154.3 KB)
6. 2020 FIH Elections Manual.pdf (436.6 KB)
Appendix 1. EOP_Terms of Reference.pdf (157.4 KB)
Appendix 2. FIH Integrity Code.pdf (384.2 KB)

The deadline for submissions of nominations is Friday, 12 March 2021 by midnight Switzerland time (CET).



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