Champions Trophy Rosario 2012
Rosario, Argentina - January 28 - 3, 2012

CHN V KOR ( 7/8 ) Champions Trophy Rosario 2012

3 - 3 (2-3)

Match Review CHN - KOR 3-3


Team Minute Shirt # Player Action Score
CHN 7 1 MA Yibo PC 1 - 0
CHN 12 1 MA Yibo PC 2 - 0
CHN 15 21 ZHAO Yudiao FG 3 - 0
KOR 19 11 KIM Jong Eun FG 3 - 1
KOR 31 21 HONG Yoo Jin PC 3 - 2
KOR 51 8 KIM Jong Hee PC 3 - 3


Team Attacker Defender Result Score
KOR HAN Hye Lyoung LI Dongxiao X 0 - 1
CHN LIANG Meiyu MOON Young Hee X 1 - 1
KOR KIM Jong Eun LI Dongxiao X 1 - 2
CHN FU Baorong MOON Young Hee O 1 - 2
KOR CHEON Eun Bi LI Dongxiao O 1 - 2
CHN GAO Lihua MOON Young Hee X 2 - 2
KOR LEE Seon Ok LI Dongxiao X 2 - 3
CHN PENG Yang MOON Young Hee O 2 - 3
KOR PARK Seon Mi LI Dongxiao O 2 - 3
CHN ZHAO Yudiao MOON Young Hee O 2 - 3

X Goal, O Saved, - Not Taken


Team Minute Shirt # Player Type
CHN 29 6 SUN Sinan G
CHN 55 1 MA Yibo G
KOR 61 17 KIM Ok Ju Y
KOR 64 7 LEE Seon Ok Y
CHN 68 5 MA Wei Y


Minute Shirt # Name Goals Green Yellow Red
1 MA Yibo 2 1
2 WANG Mengyu
3 MAO Weilin
5 MA Wei 1
6 SUN Sinan 1
8 FU Baorong
10 GAO Lihua
12 TANG Chunling
15 LIANG Meiyu
18 REN Ye
19 HUANG Ting
21 ZHAO Yudiao 1
22 SONG Qingling
23 DE Jiaojiao
25 XU Xiaoxu
29 PENG Yang
30 LI Dongxiao
31 ZHANG Lei
  Team Manager ZHANG Xuan
  Head Coach KIM Sang Ryul
  Physiotherapist LI Hongxing
  Medical Doctor HUANG Lei
  Stand-In Manager LIU Yuxiang
  Assistant Coach YOO Seung Jin
  Assistant Coach DING Hongping
  Assistant Coach CHEN Dekang
  Assistant Coach HUANG Yongsheng
  Assistant Coach LUO Xiaobing


Minute Shirt # Name Goals Green Yellow Red
1 MOON Young Hee
3 KIM Young Ran
5 CHO Eun Ji
6 PARK Seon Mi
7 LEE Seon Ok 1
8 KIM Jong Hee 1
10 PARK Mi Hyun
11 KIM Jong Eun 1
12 KIM Da Rae
13 CHEON Eun Bi
14 JEON Yu Mi
15 GIM Sung Hee
16 JANG Soo Ji
17 KIM Ok Ju 1
21 HONG Yoo Jin 1
22 PARK Ki Ju
23 HONG Ji Seon
25 HAN Hye Lyoung
  Team Manager SIN Lim Heung
  Stand-In Manager HEE Shin Jung
  Head Coach WOO Lim Jung
  Assistant Coach KIM Yoon
  Physiotherapist KIM Ji Young

DNP = Did not participate
S = Suspended
DSQ = Disqualified

Match Officials

Role Official
Umpire 1 STEWART Wendy
Umpire 2 PIETERSE Lesley
Reserve Umpire ESKINA Elena
Video Umpire BLOCK Frances
Judge 1 NAPIER Helen
Judge 2 MERCEZ SELES Soraya
Technical Officer RINALDINI Lorena

Korea defeat China on penalty strokes to finish 7th
7/8 classification – CHN 3 – 3 KOR (2 - 3 PSO)

Korea defeated China 3-2 in a penalty shoot-out after they have fought back from being down 0-3 in the 7/8 classification match at the Argentina FIH Champions Trophy in Rosario.

China started off with great pace as they really wanted to finish 7th place. It took them six minutes until they have won their first penalty corner which resulted in the 1-0 lead thanks to Ma Yibo’s (7’) drag-flick. Korean defender Han Hye Lyoung was sent back to the mid-line after breaking early which gave China more space. Five minutes later it was Ma (12’) again doubling the lead. Korean goalkeeper Jang Soo-Ji still had a touch at Ma's flick but she deflected the ball unluckily into the net. The confident Chinese continued to attack with pace and created a three on one which led to a goal by Zhao Yudiao (15’). She had waited at the far post, picked up a pass and scored with a reverse stick shot.

After Korea had replied thanks to Kim Jong-Eun (19’) they substituted their goalkeepers. Number one keeper Moon Young-Hui came for Jang but wasn’t called into action in the remainder of the first half. Instead it was Korea who scored again after Hong Yoo-Jin (31’) converted a penalty corer variation. The match went into halftime with a score of 3-2 in favor of China.

The ball was very slow at the beginning of the second half as heavy rainfall has occurred and slowed down the game. Despite of the wet weather conditions Korea pressured China and created some promising opportunities. One of them led to their fourth penalty corner in this match which was converted by Kim Jong-Hee (51’). China took their team referral on this decision to check whether the ball was played dangerously in the circle. However, the equaliser was confirmed by the video umpire meaning that China had given away a convincing 3-0 lead.

After the score was tied 3-3 Korea wanted more and put China under pressure. Kim Jong-Hee won them another penalty corner after she was tackled by Ma Wei. The Chinese defender was sent off with a yellow card afterwards. From this point on the match could have gone either way with both teams missing to convert great opportunities.

This was the 4th match at Rosario 2012 to go into extra-time and the second match for Korea who have lost to Japan 3-4 in the Qualification Match 5/8. As nobody scored in extra-time the encounter was decided in a penalty shoot-out. Korea were the lucky winners thanks to goals from Han Hye-Lyoung, Lee Seon-Ok and Kim Jong-Eun.

  • Match 21
  • Date Sun, 5 Feb 2012
  • Time 12:30
  • Pool/Class 7/8
  • Venue

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