Champions Trophy Quilmes 2007
Quilmes, Argentina - January 13 - 21, 2007
Appointment Name Country Appointed by
FIH Representative van BREDA VRIESMAN Els Netherlands
Tournament Director STERN Rosie Australia FIH
Technical Officer CAPURRO Liliana Argentina FIH
Technical Officer FUERST Elisabeth Austria FIH
Technical Officer MEYER Carola Germany FIH
Judge RASMUSSEN Paulina Chile FIH
Judge TABO Katherina Uruguay FIH
Judge RINALDINI Lorena Argentina FIH
Medical Officer BASSO Enrique (Dr) Argentina FIH
Umpires Manager BRADA Yolande Netherlands FIH
Umpire RIVERA Monica Spain FIH
Umpire DE KLERK Marelize South Africa FIH
Umpire de la FUENTE Carolina Argentina FIH
Umpire MIAO Lin China FIH
Umpire ROACH Lisa Australia FIH
Umpire SOMA Chieko Japan FIH
Umpire SPITALERI Gina Italy FIH
Umpire STEWART Wendy Canada FIH

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